Saint George's

The Grenada Cocoa Association is a cooperative that brings together 3,000 producers. These producers grow cocoa with their families in "jardins créoles", a local agroforestry model combining cocoa with spices, fruit and vegetables. For this small Caribbean island, cocoa is a truly social, cultural and family affair.

Founded in 1964, the Association is the only cooperative of cocoa producers on the island. It is responsible for the distribution of selected cocoa trees, the centralized preparation of cocoa and the training of producers in good agricultural and environmental practices. All of its members are Fairtrade certified.

The commitment of the Grenada Cocoa Association to promoting socially and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices, a commitment shared by producers, makes it an obvious partner for us. Our relationship continues to go from strength to strength and today Valrhona buys nearly half of Grenada's cocoa.

2015 Partnership signature

Renewed in 2020 for 10 years

Cooperative Type of organization

1,073 Producers

Since 2011

We initiated a direct relationship with the Grenada Cocoa Association in 2011, resulting in the signature of a 5-year partnership in 2015. 

In 2020

In 2020, we renewed this partnership for a further 10 years, including commitments to minimum purchase volumes and a fixed price.