Our range of Valrhona chocolate bonbons offers a multitude of possibilities for your shops. Whether for Easter or the end of the year, or to differentiate yourself permanently, discover our collections of ganaches, ready-to-sell pralines.

Bonbons & Amenities

Valrhona Chocolate Bonbon Guarentee

  • Exceptional Ingredients -Our bonbon collection offers an array of chocolates, shapes, flavors, and designs. What makes them truly unique, is the exceptional quality of the ingredients and hand-craftsmanship. Valrhona uses only the finest cocoa responsibly sourced from around the world to offer truly unique flavors paired perfectly with the different fillings.
  • Artisinal Craftsmanship - Valrhona melds traditional and innovative expertise. Each bonbon and its decoration are made mostly by hand, which means that each one is unique.
  • A Wide Range - We offer a large range of bonbons which are perfectly suited for a variety of occasions, and can be adapted to every moment of the year and every taste.

Essentials all year around

  • Ganaches - A ganache is a velvety blend of cream and chocolate. It has a velvety, melt in your mouth texture.
  • Pralinés - Praliné is made by grinding nuts, sugar, and a hint of vanilla together as coarsely or finely as we need for our creations. The texture can be firm, melt-in-the-mouth, or even crunchy and crispy.
  • Fruit - Crunchy, soft, or melting textures - a favorite of indulgent sensation aficionados.
  • Collection exclusives - Chocolates crafted using traditional delicacies and decorated with attractive, creative little touches.
Valrhona Chocolate Bonbons

Stand-out chocolates

Bonbons, Snacks, and Amenities offer the perfect bite for countless occasions. Whether you're a hotel, restaurant, caterer, café, or coffee shop, our collection has the sweet treat to make your customers' experiences memorable.

Season range

  • Holiday Collection - The holiday spirit comes alive with our playful little original shapes.
  • Heart Bonbons - Perfect for Valentine's Season or special occasions.
  • Easter Bonbons - A wide collection of Easter confections to suit your customers’ cravings for the season. From ganache-filled eggs to life-like speckled creations, our Easter range adds a colorful palette to your seasonal amenities and buffets.
  • Snacks and Amenities - A sweet offering perfect for in-room gifts and coffee breaks for hotels, banquet additions for catering, or even to offer with the check.
Valrhona Chocolate covered nuts