Fruit Purées

Adamance is proud of our partner producers and their expert skills. We give you the information you need to showcase your fruit creations for your customers, including terroirs and a full list of our partner producers, plus their stories, growing techniques, and ethical commitments.

Together, we have created a range of fruit purées that is truly different, in which each feature respects our pillars of commitment.

We are a passionate team from Valrhona’s chocolate factory in Tain l’Hermitage, in the heart of the Rhone Valley’s rich fruit-growing country.

Each summer, the vibrant natural life we see around us in the orchards yields its finest treasure, and fruit go in their hundreds to markets. When we journeyed deep into the world of fruit, we discovered suppliers with amazing flavors and skills, as well as some passionate people. Yet we have also seen practices which don’t respect people or nature, supply chains that aren’t always open and honest, and a race for quantity over quality, leaving flavor by the wayside.

This is why we decided to act to protect fruits’ future and flavor over the long term – and the future of the people who work with them too. This is why we created Adamance along with our committed producers and with committed creators such as yourself.

Adamance 100% Fruit Puree


It’s not enough just to say that we are committed, so here’s all you need to know about our labels and their concrete initiatives. Since each type of fruit is unique, we have worked sector by sector to find the right labels for each one that are in line with our commitments.

100% FRUIT

When you take a bite of a nice, ripe piece of fruit, you don’t add any sugar. Fruit purée should be the same - no added sugar, no additives, just fruit. Ours are made with an innovative process that uses anoxia, removing the oxygen and perfectly preserving the fruit. For you, this means you are free to know exactly what is going into your recipe. For us, this means adding nothing at all, so we really have to use fruits that are fully ripe when harvested.


Behind every piece of fruit, there are people. We have specifically identified all the Adamance farmers, to make sure that these people behind the fruit and the environment that produces it are truly respected. This means that you know who grew the fruit that you are using, and your clients too.


The French government’s “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value) label certifies fruit that comes from orchards with excellent environmental practices, and in particular, good results in four areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water. Our partners have been awarded Level 3 HVE, that is, the highest level of the certification.


Chefs and consumers alike are concerned about the impact of pesticides on our health and environment. Here at Adamance, we like concrete evidence. So whenever possible, we have chosen expert farmers who are able to treat their crops less often, therefore producing fruit without pesticide residue*. An independent laboratory is required to check the results before and after processing.