Since its founding in 1989, l’École Valrhona’s mission has been to serve and support pastry chefs and artisans, offering our customers another valuable resource for inspiration, creativity, techniques, and knowledge about chocolate. 

A place of expertise, where the chefs combine their know-how with that of the R&D engineers to share the results of their research with their colleagues.

Today with four locations around the world, 31 years of teaching expertise, 35 l’École Chefs, and over 16,000 students taught, we are proud to share our expertise with the global pastry community.

Enroll in Valrhona's immersive courses to gain hands-on experience, learn about current themes in pastry and push the limits of your creativity with world-renowned chef instructors. Gain technical training along with more modern interpretations.  


Meet Our Chefs

We are honored to welcome our Chefs to share their knowledge and bring their own personal techniques and unique twists to our l'École Brooklyn classes.

Our different school


Created in 1989 by Frédéric Bau, l’École Valrhona takes the form of four world-renowned establishments where the trends of the future are born.


47 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

04 75 07 90 95

Tain l’Hermitage

8 Quai du Général de Gaulle, 26600 Tain-l'Hermitage

04 75 07 90 95

Brooklyn, NY

222 Water St, Brooklyn, 11201 NY, United States of America

+1 718-522-7001


Kubodera Twin
Tower Bldg
6F2-9-4 Kudan
Minami -Chiyoda ku
, 102-0074 Tokyo, Japon

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