Chocolatree’s goal is to offer you the best products to elevate, animate and finish your most beautiful, sweet creations. Valrhona Selection Brands are constantly seeking new ways to meet your needs, we are excited to offer a range of decor developed exclusively with premium chocolate and pastry expertise, design, and values to add a luxurious touch to your creations.

Attentive to the know-how and requirements of pastry professionals, the heart of the Chocolatree business is designing and manufacturing ready-to-go chocolate decorations that enable pastry chefs to complete their creations in the most authentic and fun way. We’re excited for you to discover the ways that Chocolatree can benefit your business.


Premium decorations made with quality ingredients

Created to help you stand out from the crowd, Chocolatree’s range serves as a handy accompaniment that will transform any creation into an unforgettable original experience that simply has to be photographed before it’s eaten.

Good chocolate and natural food coloring. Chocolatree designs and manufactures ready-to-use chocolate decorations that enable pastry chefs to make their dream desserts, with a touch of pep and fun.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Decoration