Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement

At Valrhona Selection, we recognize that inclusion, equity, and diversity are natural and essential extensions of our values and mission as a company. Our goal is to build a more equitable world of pastry. To accomplish this, we must include commitments and actions to support these principles.

We acknowledge that there is work to do to reach this goal and are committed to do our part. Our main emphasis is creating and maintaining an inclusive environment which respects and values the different backgrounds and perspectives of our internal and external communities. This inclusive environment empowers us as individuals and as a Company to connect, build, and grow.

Among our many continued efforts and new implementations to reach this goal, we are investing in ongoing employee educational workshops, evaluating and restructuring our hiring practices with a strong focus on removing any potential bias, forming a taskforce to help carry out our initiatives, and making a more conscious effort to amplify the diverse voices of our customers and partners on all of our platforms. While this is not a comprehensive list of our current and future actions, it is the first step in our path to fostering a more diverse and inclusive company.

The different perspectives, talents, and ideas from our team, partners, and community give Valrhona our strength. Just like in pastry, the sum of the ingredients is greater than the individual parts. We vow to support and bring out the very best in each and every person who makes up our community to create something even better and sweeter than we imagined.