Valrhona Selection is where world-class brands like Valrhona, Valrhona Signature, and NOROHY come together to create the best of chocolate and the culinary art of desserts with a distribution adapted for each country.

All of these brands have their own identity, special characteristics, and history – but they also share a common vision. 

Valrhona Selection is your wellspring of meticulously sourced and handpicked products coupled with unmatched one-on-one guidance that brings inspiration and creativity to new heights.

Together, we want to develop as part of a sustainable project so that, with our customers and suppliers, we can co-create the ethical gastronomy of the future. We will achieve this vision by sourcing carefully selected ingredients and managing to process while ensuring employees’ wellbeing and supporting professional customers with their own creations.

Our mission is to co-build tomorrow's ethical gastronomy alongside the uncompromising professionals who are blazing that trail.

This shared vision within Valrhona Selection allows us to offer our professional customers a wide range of products with the same level of excellent quality to meet their day-to-day needs.

A marriage between vanilla producers and pastry-making professionals. NOROHY Vanilla is committed to creating links throughout the value chain from grower to chef. In the world’s most beautiful terroirs, they find exceptional vanilla cultivated and prepared the traditional way. Their goal is to offer customers optimal traceability so that they are assured their ingredients are both delicious and ethical. This initiative has emerged out of a partnership with Valrhona Selection, a grouping of several ethical brands.

NOROHY Vanilla Beans