Valrhona’s original Praliné recipes have not changed in over 90 years. Valrhona’s spirit of excellence and innovation has always been a part of our exceptional Praliné range. Our know-how and craftsmanship is present at every stage of production. Valrhona aims to broaden chefs’ and consumers’ culinary horizons, making every taste an exceptional experience. Enjoy the warm, nutty taste of Valrhona’s Praliné Range, Gianduja-Style Products, and Almond Pastes.


The range of dried fruits from Valrhona offers two distinct production processes that make it possible to offer a large range of flavors including caramelized notes and nutty notes. Choose from four nut varieties: almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios, sourced around the world by Valrhona from regions with the highest quality and discover the two Valrhona Praliné processes, applied to different nut combinations, for a range of exceptional Valrhona Praliné pastes. These different flavor profiles open up endless possibilities for gourmet creations.

Valrhona Pralinés

Gianduja & Almond Pastes

A mixture of toasted hazelnuts and chocolate. GIANDUJA is a mixture of toasted hazelnuts, cocoa beans, and sugar roasted over several hours before being very finely ground. Cocoa beans and hazelnuts are roasted separately at specific temperatures.

In Valrhona ALMOND PASTES, almonds are blanched and their skins removed, before being cooked in sugar syrup. This mixture is then ground as roughly or finely as the end product requires.

Gianduja & Almond Pastes