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Valrhona was created by a Pastry Chef for Pastry Chefs, so every product, service, solution is created to cultivate your talent, uniqueness, professional creativity, and growth. Take a look, as our Chocolate and Pastry Chefs from L'École Valrhona happily share with you some of their tips and tricks to perfect your baking.

Learn multiple ways to manipulate tempered chocolate to garnish pastries and other desserts.


This classic chocolate technique offerss an excellent decoration for elevating any dessert. Perfect for cakes, cookies, brownies, and more.


Tempering Chocolate allows the chocolate to gain a glossy appearance and is necessary to create the perfect ‘snap’. If you don’t temper, chocolate may appear dull, matte, or may have uneven coloration. Tempering chocolate involves putting it through a cycle of temperatures called the "Temperature Curve".


Valrhona Chefs explain the best way to emulsify to  produce a chocolate mousse or ganache that has a true taste of chocolate and a very creamy texture. An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that do not combine naturally, such as water and oil.


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Valrhona Chef Guillaume Roesz presents tips and step-by-step guides on how to create beautiful decor featuring our original line of fruit and nut couvertures, Inspiration