Whether you are a chocolate or pastry professional, when selecting ingredients, you consider not only flavor but also origins and technical characteristics. Valrhona offers several families of chocolate as well as pure pastes and blocks to provide professionals with a large range of products suited to all their needs and unique talent and flair.


Chocolate Couvertures

Blended Origin Grand Cru Chocolates - Valrhona’s Grand Cru Blends Range features chocolate couvertures with unique compositions and truly distinct, complex, and consistent flavors. Using their cacaothèque (cocoa database), Valrhona experts compose original blends for chocolate couvertures. Combining fine cocoa beans of different varieties and origins (15 different terroirs), Valrhona experts blend beans with exemplary complementarity, bringing the flavor of each cocoa bean to its full potential.
Single Origin Grand Cru Chocolates - With the Single Origin Grand Cru Chocolate Collection, Valrhona offers chocolates with authentic flavors characteristic of their origins. Valrhona sourcing specialists spend years traveling the globe, exploring plantations in each region – taking note of the terrains, soils and climates that influence the characteristics of the cocoa cultivated in each location. The selected plantations benefit from the best that nature has to offer, as well as from the commitment of people involved in harvesting, fermenting, and drying the beans. Developing these long-standing partnerships guarantees sustainable and fair relationships that lead to producing exceptional cocoa with unique and unforgettable aromatic profiles.
Double Fermentation Chocolates - To create a new range of sensory possibilities, after 10 years of working hand in hand with partner planters, Valrhona discovered a revolutionary new way to process cocoa at plantations. The process builds on the aromas and chocolate flavor created through the first fermentation by initiating a second fermentation, this time bringing in additional outside flavors and aromas. The pulp from local fruits is added to the vats of cocoa beans, starting a second fermentation. This adds to the already rich and complex flavors of the cocoa, melding with the natural characteristics of the terroir to produce a totally unique flavor profile truly representing the region.
Gourmet Creation Chocolates - Valrhona’s Gourmet Creations Range is an invitation to inspire your creativity with products devised for professionals searching for new tastes and flavors. Combining the perfect mastery of cocoa beans with the inventiveness of L’École Valrhona pastry chefs, Valrhona never ceases exploring new flavors and creating unusual, distinctive combinations.
Inspiration Couvetures - The first-ever range of fruit and nut couvertures. These innovative new couvertures are created entirely with natural ingredients for vibrant colors and flavors. Harnessing nearly a century of chocolate-making expertise, Valrhona developed this advanced technical feat which combines the unique texture and functionality of chocolate with the intense flavor and color of fruit and nuts.


Valrhona Couverture Chocolate

Valrhona chocolate feves come in different chocolate varieties. Each one has a unique cocoa content level offering specific optimization techniques and flavor pairings. Valrhona offers a range of blond, milk, dark chocolate couverture and more to facilitate your creativity and optimize your time without compromising quality. These Valrhona feves and couverture blocks are carefully designed for all baking applications. They are also distinguished by their supreme smoothness, perfect balance, and consistency of flavor.

Valrhona Dark Chocolate Couverture