NOROHY is an ethical sourcing company, a platform for linking talent, and a discoverer of inspired creations that is shining a light on every stage in this outstanding ingredient’s journey, from its world-best terroirs to its most delicious culinary iterations. This intensely meaningful and promising marriage has a single mission: To guarantee pastry chefs reliable, ethical, high-quality products that will change the vanilla industry for the better.


NOROHY'S first organic Madagascan vanilla has the kind of aromatic profile sought after by top chefs, with a high natural vanillin content and intense woody and floral aromas.

To this day, the Vanilla Planifolia Orchid is hand-pollinated using techniques passed down through the ages. These green vanilla beans from eastern Madagascar’s Maroantsetra and Mananara regions are cultivated by an organic planters association.

After being harvested and selected, the beans are then processed and refined using traditional techniques. It takes over six months for these black non-split vanilla beans to attain all their excellent quality, and they are monitored with the utmost care through every step in the process. Traditional skills are used to sort beans into similarly sized bunches and bind them with raffia. NOROHY is the only vanilla brand that then packages vanilla on-site in Madagascar in order to keep even more of the value chain benefitting the local community.

NOROHY is proud to be part of the Valrhona Selection family of brands. You can expect the same premium level of quality, service, and expertise as from the entire family of Valrhona Selection brands.


Quality vanilla is a staple in many of my desserts, and having a source of reliable, intensely flavor-packed vanilla really helps give a boost to my desserts. Norohy vanilla has rich, fragrant floral aromas that stand out on their own or perfectly highlight other ingredients in desserts. The beans are always packed with seeds and full of moisture, so you not only get a huge flavor impact, but can also often use less vanilla in your recipe. On top of the intense flavor and quality, the organic certification, traceability, and support of the local community make this exceptional vanilla even more appealing.

Sarah Tibbetts

Pastry Chef Central Region L’École Valrhona North America. 

Madagascar Vanilla Beans