Published on 10/25/20

Norohy Vanilla


About Norohy

NOROHY’s adventure began in Madagascar, the present-day home of vanilla.

Noro and Rohy mean “light” and “connection” respectively in Malagasy. A perfect illustration of our mission to create a link between producers and chefs to highlight this exceptional raw ingredient. 

At NOROHY we are passionate about vanilla, and our goal is to shine a spotlight on every stage in this outstanding ingredient’s journey. We are an ethical sourcing company, a platform for linking talent, and a discoverer of inspired creations.

NOROHY was born from a meeting between a vanilla producer and pastry professionals when Trimeta from Madagascar and Valrhona from France connected. A meaningful partnership was formed with a unique goal: to offer the best in our two worlds.
From the best terroirs in the world to its most delicious culinary iterations, NOROHY is with you every step of the way! 


Our Organic Vanilla from Madagascar

This high-quality black vanilla bursts with floral and sweet aromas with powerful cocoa notes. Its shiny and oily appearance makes it easy to work with.

The vanilla flower of Madagascar, the Vanilla Planifolia orchid, is still hand-pollinated using techniques passed down through the ages. These green vanilla beans from eastern Madagascar’s Maroantsetra and Mananara regions are cultivated by an organic planters association. 

After being harvested and selected, the beans are then processed and refined using traditional techniques. It takes over six months for these black non-split vanilla beans to attain all their excellent quality, and they are monitored with the utmost care through every step in the process. Traditional skills are used to sort beans into similarly sized bunches and bind them with raffia. 

Norohy sources its organic vanilla directly from committed planters and is involved throughout the processing in order to guarantee fair and sustainable practices and the highest quality beans.