Published on 10/24/20

Simple & Adaptable Dessert Recipes

Easy & Adaptable Dessert Recipes for a Changing Dining Landscape

Simple is one of those words that can signify so many things to different people. While sometimes in our culture and in our industry simple was often seen as a negative thing, we find ourselves in this new reality realizing that simple yet excellent is exactly what we all need right now. One of the things we love the most about simplicity is the versatility. A simple, high-quality dessert is satisfying in and of itself, but can also be transformed with just a few toppings, sauces or simple touches. With limited staff, kitchen space, budgets, and the necessity of takeout, simple and versatile desserts are the answer.

We hope this book can be a resource for you and your team as you work to offer elegant, delicious, and portable desserts to your community.