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Virgilia Lebigre



Coming from a family of restaurateurs, Virgilia Lebigre began her apprenticeship in pastry and chocolate-making at Michel Belin, Relais Dessert in Albi.

She then participated in several competitions, such as the French Championship of Gourmet Arts, and obtained the MAF (Best Craftsman of France) in Chocolate-making in 2013. She continued her studies with a BTM in Pastry at the family restaurant.

In 2015, Virgilia joined the team of Chef Cédric Grolet at Le Meurice in Paris, a period that was very enriching for her development in the profession.

In 2017, she continued her experience at Maison Caffet with Pascal Caffet, a MOF (Best Craftsman of France) pastry chef, Mathieu Blandin, a World Champion, and Alexandre Gyé-Jacquot, a MOF chocolatier. Conscientious and creative, she served as sous-chef and won the Gérard Barsé Trophy. She then became the Head Chef of the boutiques of the starred Chef Christopher Hache in Provence.

With the ambition to share her passion, Virgilia joined the team at the Valrhona School as a Pastry Chef.