Bonbons & Confections


Recipe by Eddie Sheperd

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Osmanthus Spirit

25g Osmanthus

300g Vodka or Neutral grain spirit at 40ABV

Combine and infuse for one week at room temperature then strain and reserve.


Amatika & Osmanthus Ganache Spheres

275g AMATIKA 46%

80g Soy milk

40g Osmanthus infused olive oil

30g Glucose syrup

25g Osmanthus spirit

10g Tempered COCOA BUTTER

3.5g Lemon juice

2.5g Salt

Melt Chocolate to 45°C then allow to slowly cool to around 40°C.

Warm the soy milk & glucose to fully dissolve the glucose.

Remove the soy milk and glucose mixture from the heat and blend in the Osmanthus infused olive oil.

The olive oil will emulsify in easily due to the natural lecithin in the soy milk.

Cool the soy milk and olive oil emulsion to around 40°C.

In 3 additions mix the soy milk emulsion into the melted chocolate.

Wait for the chocolate mixture to drop below 33°C then blend in the tempered cocoa butter.

Now emulsify in the Osmanthus infused spirit, lemon juice and salt using a stick blender.

Pipe the ganache into silicone sphere moulds (alternatively if you don’t have moulds let the ganache cool

and set then shape into spheres by hand).

Freeze the ganache in the sphere mould overnight then de-mould the sphere and store them in the fridge or freezer until a few hours before you are ready to serve.

Bring the ganache spheres to room temoperature for 2-3 hours before serving, they should hold their shape well, but be very soft to eat thanks to the tempered cocoa butter.


Osmanthus Oil

500g Mild olive oil

25g Osmanthus

Combine and infuse for one week at room temperature then strain and reserve.


Raspberry Base

500g Water

360g Caster sugar

325g Raspberries

160g Fresh lemon juice

150g Pomegranate molasses

2.5g Citic acid

QS Vanilla bean

Heat all the ingredients together to 85°C, just bellow a simmer and hold at this temperature for 20 minutes, then blend the mixture well and strain it through a fine sieve.


Raspberry Glass

600g Raspberry base

300g Water

50g Caster sugar

16g NH Pectin


Combine all the ingredients except for the nibs together in a pan and bring to a simmer whilst whisking.

Pour the hot liquid into a tub and allow it to cool and set into a gel in the fridge.

Warm some of the gel gently to 55°C at which point it should be liquid.

Pour some of the warm raspberry liquid onto a dehydrator sheet and roll the liquid around the sheet to form as thin of a layer as possible.

Sprinkle the raspberry sheet with crushed cocoa nibs

Dry the thin layer of raspberry at 40°C in a dehydrator for one hour, until it forms a semi-dry flexible sheet.

Tear small sections of the fruit glass sheet off and arrange them on a fresh dehydrator sheet.

Finally dehydrate the raspberry pieces a second time at 60°C for 12 hours until crisp, dry and brittle.

Store the finished ‘glass’ in an airtight container with silica until ready to use.