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Strawberry Inspiration Malt Balls


An original recipe by Chef Kriss Harvey, Chocolatier and Partner of AndSons Chocolatiers. 

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Strawberry Inspiration Malt Balls

200g Malt Center
AN Centerchem Mastercoat Polish
AN Centerchem Shellac

Using an infrared thermometer cool the malt centers to 18°C (64°F) in the panning machine, then using a cold air blower, set at 10°C (50°F).

Melt the STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION to 42°C (108°F). Maintain this temperature for the duration of the panning exercise.

Apply a small amount of STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION to the inside of the pan as it rotates at 45% speed. Cool air is being applied at 10°C (50°F), for the duration of the application. The small amount allows the malt centers to start tumbling.

Once that thin coating is dry, apply one ladle full (approx 100g) and with a gloved hand, collect the mass to one side of the panning machine with cool air hitting the ingredients. The cool air will dry the STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION. Keep your gloved hand inside the bowl as it spins to ensure that the malt balls do not stick together.

Once the malt balls are dry and cool enough (about every five minutes or so), apply more STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION 100g to 200g at a time. Maintain the temperature of the product at around 18°C-21°C (64°F-70°F), before applying more STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION.

Once all of the STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION is applied, remove the product from the panning machine. Warm the panning machine and scrape off the excess. Reserve this for another use. You will have about half the amount of STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION left over from the 1400g that was scaled for the recipe.

Wipe out the panning bowl and get it very clean. Apply warm air to the bowl at around 40°C (104°F), and add the STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION Malt Balls. Start tumbling at 45% speed and monitor. This motion with the warm air will shape up the balls and make the STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION more compact and the product much more round and smooth. Do not exceed an internal temperature of 27°C (81°F) while shaping up the STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION Malt Balls.

Once they are round, remove from the pan and hold them overnight or for 12 hours minimum, at 18°C-21°C (64°F-70°F).

Place the product back in the panning machine (make sure it is very clean) and measure 4g of Centerchem Mastercoat Polish per kilo of product. Tumble without using cool air for 1 minute. This allows the polish to dry. Apply cool air at 10°C (50°F), and tumble for 11 minutes.

Repeat this procedure a second time using 3g of Mastercoat Polish per kilo of product.

For the final application of shine, add 2.5 g of Centerchem Shellac per kilo of product. Tumble without air for 1 minute before applying cool air for 5 minutes. The product is done and will be polished and shiny.

Assembly and finishing