Pimms Cup Dome
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Pimms Cup Dome Bonbon

Made with Caraïbe 66%

Recipe by Chef Meagan Larmant

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Recipe Step by Step


Pimms Cup Dome

600g sugar

100g glucose

100g water

1000g strawberry purée

25g mint

10g orange zest

10g lemon zest

650g CARAÏBE 66%

200g Pimm’s alcohol

150g butter

Place sugar, glucose, and water into a medium-sized pot and cook to 185°C on high heat.

Lower heat, add strawberry purée, mint, lemon zest, orange zest. Cook for 2 min to dissolve sugars.

Remove from heat and infuse for 20 min.

Strain purée mixture over melted white chocolate in three parts.

Cool to 35°C and emulsify with butter and Pimm’s.

Fill domes and allow crystallization for up to 24h and cap.

Assembly and finishing

Pimms Cup Dome

Domes are splattered with white cocoa butter and then sprayed red