Published on 9/4/17


To make the best chocolate, we source the best quality beans from farmers who share our vision. We develop close relationships with them, visiting them several times a year, investing in tools and technology, and signing long-term contracts with guaranteed yearly volumes at a price well above market rate.

Our new Fair Trade and Organic Range builds on these existing practices, combining certified, ethically produced ingredients with Valrhona’s core focus on flavor. The cocoa beans used to make these extraordinary couvertures come from fairtrade and organic farmers in Peru and the Dominican Republic, all of whom are members of cooperatives we have worked with for years. The Peruvian Norandino Cooperative, for example, also grows the beans we use for ILLANKA 63%, while the Dominican cooperative is the source of the cocoa in BAHIBÉ 46%.

The Range consists of Single Origin chocolates and Blends, showcasing the aromatic profiles of their origins as well as Valrhona’s expertise in creating blends with exceptional flavors. These four new certified chocolates offer a variety of flavors, colors and technical applications to meet all your creative needs.

Demand for fairtrade and organic products has risen sharply over the past few years. Our certified range allows our customers to satisfy these needs, while still attaining the refined levels of quality and taste for which Valrhona is known. By producing a certified range, we also aim to draw on the high standards of practice required to attain Fair Trade and Organic certification to improve the way we do business throughout our supply chain, all while maintaining our focus on flavor.