Published on 12/3/21

Chef Simon Pacary


Valrhona Meet the Chef Simon Pacary

Simon Pacary likes to tell stories through his atypical and elegant pastry.
This chef, who comes to us from France, went from boutiques to luxury hotels, then to famous Michelin star restaurants. 
In 2018 he was classified by the magazine "Atabula" in the fifty twenty years which count in French gastronomy. Then everything accelerated and the years of work and passion paid off. For his 30th birthday, in the midst of a pandemic, Simon Pacary won the silver medal in the prestigious competition of the French dessert championship,
He was nominated by the prestigious magazine "the chef", among the 6 best French pastry chefs to be elected Chef of the Year, before receiving the consecration of the MICHELIN guide in January 2021: the PASSION DESSERT trophy, which rewards inventive pastry chefs and talented.
Since April, he has put down his suitcases in the silicon valley to enhance the desserts of the institution Mademoiselle Colette.


What inspired you to enter the world of pastry?  

I have always been attracted to anything related to art, near or far. I started out as a baker, so naturally, I drifted into pastry. It later became my passion and more than that « a way of life ».


Where do you find inspiration for your creations? 

I find inspiration in everything around me, it can be a smell going to the farmers market, furniture, architecture, street art, in the discovery of new flavors. 


Who in your life has been the biggest mentor/inspiration in your career? 

My mentor is called Marc de Passorio. He’s an incredible chef who knew how to accompany me and who helped me build myself as a chef. 


How is your team responding to the new realities of the world during and eventually post-COVID-19? 

The most important thing I think is and always has been communication. the teams react very well and are all the more vigilant on the rules of hygiene. I try to help them and educate them as much as possible on the reality and the requirement to have impeccable hygiene at work but also on anti-waste. Unfortunately we could see a lot of people during this period of covid being in great distress  covid being in great distress especially to feed them. I think it is our responsibility as chefs and food professionals to reduce our waste as much as possible.

Like I always say nothing is thrown away everything transforms. 


What Social Responsibility/Community initiative are you the most proud of taking part in? 

Be a member of the Michelin guide family. After having obtained the star for the pastry chefs- the Passion Dessert title.  


What are your hopes for the future of the world of food and pastry? 

The pastry does not cease to evolve thanks to the new technology with the social networks also which gives us the tools and the visibility to carry out all our creations. even the craziest. 

I hope it continues in this direction and continues to promote a craft and passionate profession.


What is your earliest dessert memory? 

As simple as it sounds. my grandmother's fruit salad is maybe the memory that affected me the most.


What is your favorite perk of the Cercle V program? 

Discovering the new chocolates exclusively before everyone else.


When & how did you hear about Valrhona for the first time?/ When & how did your “relationship” with Valrhona start? 

More than 15 years ago in one of the first pastry shops where I worked. my boss gave me a taste of every bean in the range he had. 





I do not have. « Chef » I guess 😄


Celsius or Fahrenheit? 



Favorite Valrhona Chocolate? 



Favorite restaurant? 

L’ousteau de beaumaniere, France.


Favorite flavor pairing with chocolate? 

SO MUCH… salt, hazelnut, mango, wasabi, almond, caramel, coffee….so many possibilities.


Go-to snack? 



Coffee or Tea? 



Favorite kitchen tool? 

The spoon.


Who do you follow on social media? 



Favorite type of dessert to make? To eat? 

To make all chocolate ones, to eat a very good fruits salad with a perfect vanilla chantilly.  

Chef Simon Pacary's Original Recipe, Cocoa Choux