Published on 4/3/24




What inspired you to enter the world of pastry?

I was a chunky kid so the thought of being able to make desserts that I can eat seemed like a good plan.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

Social media, going out to pastry shops, travel, other chefs. 

Who in your life has been the biggest mentor/inspiration in your career?

Remy Funfrock and Daniel Boulud changed the way I think about flavor and the composition of a dessert. 

How is your team responding to the new realities of the world during and eventually post-COVID-19?

I think we are much more concerned and aware about hygiene than before, which is a good thing across the board.  

What should the role of the food/pastry industry be in the community? The world? The environment?

Pastry as well as food in general should bring people together. Breaking bread with others makes the world go ‘round.

What is your earliest dessert memory?

I remember putting chocolate in a pot to try and melt it and watching it burn.  

If you could pass one bit of insight down to a chef just getting their start, what would it be?

Be humble, there is so much out there to learn. You are never an expert because things are always evolving. 

What is your favorite perk of the Cercle V program?

Having access to new chocolates and recipes.

When & how did you hear about Valrhona for the first time? / When & how did your “relationship” with Valrhona start?

I started using Valrhona when I worked at Café Boulud in NYC in the late 90’s. I had heard of them but had never worked with the chocolate. I remember being amazed by the quality and flavor. 




Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Celcius bien sur

Favorite Valrhona Chocolate?


Favorite restaurant?

It’s no longer open but there was a restaurant in Nyc called August and it was great. I still love Balthazar. 

Favorite flavor pairing with chocolate?

Acidity such as passion fruit or cassis.

Go to snack?

Anything chocolate

Coffee or Tea?


Favorite kitchen tool?

Small pairing knife, super dull but efficient for everything but what’s it’s meant for.  

Who do you follow on social media?

Cedric Grolet, Amaury, oldmanteh99, Daniel, Thomas keller, Daniel, etc. 

Favorite type of dessert to make? To eat?

A nice dark pot de crème with whisky Chantilly and some crunchy element.