animal-based (pork) gelatin sheet

Animal-Based Gelling Agents GOLD GELATIN SHEETS

animal-based (pork) gelatin sheets

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With our animal-based gelling agents range, our aim is to provide you with products that will enable you to make varied textures ranging from flexible to firm or brittle.

This animal-based (pork) gelatin sheet has a bloom level* of 230. For optimal use, hydrate in cold water for a few minutes. Drain thoroughly and heat in liquid until completely dissolved. Acts in approx. 20 minutes. Suitable for use with all types of liquids and can be frozen. The recommended measure is 5-10 u/kg or 10-20g/kg.


Best by:

24 months


Animal gelatine

Kosher product


Gluten free



2 KG

Special order



Recommended keep at 15-25 C, in a dry place out of light, in original packaging until use and closed.


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Other feature(s)

Production process: Our gelling agents have been designed using specific processes to suit the way they are extracted.

Recommended use: Perfect for making soft, flexible pannacotta-type gels.

animal-based (pork) gelatin sheet