Entremets & Cheesecakes

Yvonne Petits Gâteaux

Made with BLOND ORELYS 35%

Original recipe by Chef Nathaniel ReidChef/Owner, Nathaniel Reid BakeryRecipe Calculated for 12 pieces

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Sugar Dough

234g Unsalted Butter
4g Sea Salt
161g Confectioner's Sugar
54g Almond Powder
88g Eggs
439g Cake Flour
0.5 ea Lemon Zest
0.5 ea Vanilla Bean

Mix the eggs and salt together.

Cream the butter, confectioner's sugar, and almond flour together.

Incorporate the eggs into the butter.

Sift the cake flour.

Add the cake flour to the butter.

Wrap and refrigerate.

Roll out to 2.5mm to line tart shells.

Bake at 163°C (325°F).

Trim the shells.


Blond Chocolate Cream

170g Milk
200g Glucose
0.66g Sea Salt
6.6g Gelatin (bloomed)
284g ORELYS 35%
330g Cream (cold)
0.5ea Vanilla Bean

Boil the milk, salt, and vanilla bean.

Add the bloomed gelatin.

Pour over the ORELYS 35% chocolate and glucose to make an emulsion.

Add cold cream to the emulsion.


Hazelnut Sponge

75g Confectioner's Sugar
75g Toasted Hazelnut Flour
62.5g Eggs
40g Egg Yolks
137.5g Egg Whites
50g Brown Sugar
60g All-purpose Flour

Whip the confectioner's sugar, eggs, and egg yolks together.

Sift the hazelnut flour and all-purpose flour together.

Make a soft meringue with the egg whites and sugar.

Spread onto a half sheet pan and bake at 191°C (375°F).


Strawberry Gelée

207g Strawberry Purée
50g Raspberry Purée
20g Lemon Juice
28g Sugar
5.5g Gelatin (bloomed)

Warm half of the purée with the sugar until it dissolves.

Add the bloomed gelatin.

Add the remaining purées.


Blond Chocolate Chantilly

150g Cream
125g ORELYS 35%
15g Glucose
225g Cream (Cold)
0.5ea Vanilla Bean

Warm the cream and vanilla bean.

Make an emulsion with the ORELYS 35% chocolate and glucose.

Add the cold cream.

Assembly and finishing

Finish the dish by garnishing with the ingredients below:Snow SugarStrawberriesRaspberriesORELYS 35% Chocolate Garnish