Vegan “Milk Chocolate” Lava Cakes

Vegan “Milk Chocolate” Lava Cakes

Made with Amatika 46%

An original recipe by Chef Anaïs Galpin
Photography by Adéral Piot
Makes 6-8 individual cakes

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Vegan “Milk Chocolate” Lava Cakes

200g  AMATIKA 46%

50g Deodorized Coconut Oil

170g Soy “Milk”

5g Apple Cider Vinegar

50g Brown Sugar

50g Blond Sugar

110g Apple Sauce

125g Cake Flour

5g Baking Powder

2g Fleur de Sel

Preheat your oven to 390° Fahrenheit (200° Celsius ).

Melt the coconut oil with Amatika 46%.

In a large bowl, pour the apple cider vinegar over the soy milk and then mix with a whisk.

Add the two sugars then whisk.

Then add the apple sauce and whisk in.

Prepare the powders by mixing the flour, baking powder, and fleur de sel in a separate bowl.

Whisk the powders into the wet ingredients in order to obtain a smooth batter.

Add in the melted chocolate and coconut oil and whisk to incorporate them into the batter.

Pour into the desired individual molds (it can be a parchment-lined stainless steel ring or a lava cake mold).

Bake for 8 minutes (or more, depending on your preferences—more or less runny).