Made with Hukambi 53 %

An original recipe by Sarah Tibbets, Pastry Chef North America École Valrhona.

Makes (1) 28x28cm tart

9 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Tart Dough

113g       unsalted butter, softened

1.8g        fine sea salt

85g         confectioners’ sugar

28g         pecan flour

47g         eggs, room temperature

56g         ap flour

165g       ap flour


Add the salt, confectioners’ sugar, and pecan flour- mix until incorporated, then add the eggs.

Add the smaller quantity of flour and mix well, then add the additional quantity of flour.  Mix just until the dough comes together.

Roll the dough between parchment sheets to a thickness of 2mm.  Freeze until ready to use.


Oat Base

227g       unsalted butter, softened

141g       light brown sugar

170g       steel cut oats

142g       ap flour

2.75g      baking soda

0.9g        baking powder

50g         eggs, room temperature

1.25g      fine sea salt

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the butter and sugar until creamy.

Add the eggs and mix well.  Add the oat groats.  Combine the flour and remaining dry ingredients in a bowl, then add to the mixture.

Use immediately.


Caramel Syrup

150g       sugar

70g         water

Make a dry caramel by cooking granulated sugar to dark caramel, then stop the cooking with a small quantity of water.

Add remaining water and cool. The caramel should have the consistency of maple syrup when cooled. 

Use quantity needed for the caramel pecan filling, then reserve any leftover caramel for garnish.

Store at room temperature.


Caramel Pecan Filling

43g         whole milk

151g       heavy cream 36%

300g       Pecan praline

1.5g        gelatin powder

5g           cold water (for gelatin)

30g         caramel syrup

1.5g        Maldon salt

Bloom the gelatin in the cold water and set aside.  Heat the milk and bring to a boil- add the gelatin to melt.

Pour the hot liquid over the pecan praline and mix well to create an emulsion.  Add the caramel syrup and cold cream- blend with an immersion blender until smooth.  Finish with Maldon salt.

Refrigerate the filling until ready to use.


Waina Crème Fraiche Whipped Ganache

263g       Waina couverture

393g       heavy cream 36%

1 ea       vanilla bean

107g       crème fraiche

193g       whole milk

21g         glucose

21g         invert sugar

Melt the couverture and set aside.

In a saucepan, combine the milk, vanilla bean, glucose, and invert sugar- bring to a boil.

Process with an immersion blend then add the cold cream and crème fraiche.  Blend again and pour into a shallow container. 

Refrigerate 8-12 hours before using.


Hukambi Ganache

570g       Hukambi 53% couverture

60g         cocoa butter

300g       whole milk

200g       heavy cream 36%

4g           Sosa X58 pectin

16g         sugar

Melt the couverture with the cocoa butter and set aside.

Heat the milk and cream together.  Combine the pectin and sugar, then slowly add to the hot liquid.  Bring to a boil.

Slowly pour the hot liquid over the melted couverture in several additions, mixing well after each to create an emulsion.

Process with an immersion blend and pour into a shallow container.  Refrigerate until ready to use.


Oat Crumble

120g       light brown sugar

50g         oat flour

116g       ap flour

1.5g        baking soda

1.5g        baking powder

86g         old fashion oats

2.5g        fine sea salt

150g       unsalted butter, melted

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl.  Add melted butter and mix well until thoroughly mixed.

Place on a parchment lined baking tray and bake at 325F until light golden brown.

Cool completely then store in an airtight container until ready to use.


Caramelized Pecans

100g       sugar

115g       Sosa glucose DE 38/40

77g         water

200g       pecan halves, lightly toasted

Bring the sugar, glucose and water to a boil.

Add the nuts and boil gently for 2 minutes.

Strain and bake at 320F until lightly roasted.

Cool and store in an airtight container.



100g       pecan pieces, toasted

AN         caramelized pecan halves

AN         oat crumble

AN         caramel syrup

AN         Hukambi decor


Assembly and finishing

Remove the tart dough from the freezer and cut to fit the base of a square metal frame (28x28cm)*.  Place the base on silpat or parchment lined baking tray and return to the freezer if necessary. 

On top of the frozen dough with the greased metal frame, spread an even layer of the oat base.  Bake at 330F until golden brown. Cool the base completely.

Place the Hukambi ganache in a piping bag with a large round tip and pipe long lines of ganache from one end to the other (use ganache at room temperature for ease in piping), leaving a gap between each line.  Repeat this process until the entire base is covered with uniform lines.

Place the pecan filling in a piping bag and pipe in between the ganache lines. Sprinkles with toasted pecan pieces.

Whip the Waina whipped ganache to medium soft peaks and place in a piping bag with a large round tip.  Pipe large dollops on top of the pecan filling and ganache. Refrigerate.

Take a hot knife and trim each side of the tart to create a clean edge. 

Using a hot melon baller, create an indent in several whipped ganache dollops.  Fill with reserved caramel syrup and add a few dots of syrup in other areas as well.

Finish with the baked oat crumble chunks, toasted pecan halves and chocolate décor.

 *Frame size can be adapted to make larger or smaller tarts.

Meet the Chef

Sarah Tibbetts
Ecole Valrhona Pastry Chef - North America at Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Tibbetts

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