Made with Jivara 40%

An original by Guillaume Roesz, L’École Valrhona North America pastry chef

2 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Almond Shortcrust

250g all-purpose flour
94g confectioner’s sugar
30g almond flour
125g European style butter
2g salt
50g eggs

Mix the powdered ingredients with the cold, cubed butter.

As soon as the mixture is completely smooth, add the cold eggs.

As soon as you obtain an even dough, stop mixing.

Store in the refrigerator or spread out immediately.

Bake at 300°F (150°C).


Caramel with Nuts

150g sugar
300g heavy cream (36% fat recommended)
60g European style butter
170g MILK JIVARA 40%
40g walnuts
40g pecans
40g hazelnuts
40g pistachios
40g peanuts

Make a dry caramel with the sugar. Once reached the desired caramel color deglaze with the hot cream.

Add the butter in the caramel and then let it cool down to 158-167°F (70-75°C).

Gradually pour the hot liquid over the chocolate stirring in the center with a rubber spatula in order to get a smooth, shiny and elastic texture, sign of a well started emulsion. Keep the texture to the end of mixing.

Add the roasted nuts.

Assembly and finishing

Once the tartlet shells are baked apply some cocoa butter in. When the caramel well coats the nuts (at about 77-82°F 25-28°C) fill the tartlets shells with about 70g of caramel with nuts. Let the caramel set. Sparkle some fleur de sel on each tartlets.TIP: You can use any nuts you want.TIP 2: The tart must be stored at room temperature.