Plated desserts


Made with GIANDUJA

An original recipe by Chef Stephanie Scalese

Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Apricots, Praline- Nuts, Chocolate

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step



197.5g flour

158.8g sugar

140g dark brown sugar

67g Valrhona cocoa powder

4g baking soda

4g baking powder

Pinch salt

195g milk

82.5g vegetable oil

2 eggs, whole

11.5g coffee extract

186g water

*For plated dinner do larger batch to have cake pieces to pull apart and use on plate

1 Full Sheet, 1100g

Combine the flour, sugar, dark brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cocoa powder. Stir until homogenous.

Combine oil, trablit, milk and eggs.

Place the wet ingredients in the bowl of a mixer.

Add the dry ingredients to the bowl and mix on low speed for 1 minute.

Take a very flat sheet tray. Line it with a silpat and spray lightly with pan coating spray. Place 1100g of cake batter in the middle of the tray and spread evenly with an offset spatula.

Bake at 350f for 5 minutes. Rotate and bake for an additional 3 minutes.

Remove from the oven, place on the speed rack to cool



Melt Valrhona 40% Jivara chocolate with praline paste and fold into feuilletine 

Spread onto sheet pan with silpat and place frame on top.



24g Gelatin

1500g melted Valrhona 35% hazelnut gianduja

1000g heavy cream 1

240g hazelnut paste

1500g whipped cream

Yield 2 layers of mousse- Weigh each layer to 1500g

Bloom the gelatin in ice water until it is pliable and soft. Remove it from the water and wring out the excess moisture.

Heat the cream #1 over medium heat until it starts to steam.

Melt the chocolate over a double boiler. 

Pour the cream #1 over the melted chocolate and blend until emulsified.

Add the hazelnut paste and bloomed gelatin.

Emulsify with an immersion blender.

Fold in whipped cream



1000g Apricot Puree

12g NH Pectin

150g Sugar

120g Glucose

70g Trimoline

*Substitutes great with passionfruit*

1 full sheet

Combine sugar and pectin

Heat puree, trimoline and glucose

Stream in pectin/sugar mixture, whisking constantly

Cook until desired thickness- let boil 2-3 minutes

Pour on top of Valrhona 35% Gianduja mousse layer.



2 Quarts Cream

1 Tbl Vanilla Norohy Paste

200g 10x confectioners’ sugar

18g Kosher Salt

3 quarts of salted whipped cream

Combine and whip all ingredients to soft/medium peaks

Assembly and finishing


  1. Spread feuilletine layer on silpat and place from on top
  2. Pour first 1500g of 35% Gianduja chocolate mousse on top of feuilletine layer.
  3. Put cake layer on top of that
  4. Pour next 1500g layer of 35% Gianduja chocolate mousse.
  5. Freeze/ Let set up
  6. Top with Apricot Glaze
  7. Freeze until hardened
  8. Remove cake from freezer, take off sheet pan. Remove silpat from bottom and place on cutting board.
  9. Let sit out until cuttable but not soft.
  10. Cut pieces 4” by 1” for plated dinner/lunch. Can do 1.5” by 1.5” for buffets etc.


CAKE PLATING PROCEDURE: (*For plated dinner)

  1. Place cake bar on center of plate
  2. On top of cake do a medium size quenelle of salted whip. Place on center of cake top, lay down on angle.
  3. Pipe 5 kisses of salted whip to the right of the cake bar
  4. Rip and place 3 “rustic” pieces of chocolate cake **. One to the left of cake, one on first whip kiss and one halfway back on the other whip kisses.
  5. Cut up thin slices of dried apricot and place on every other whip kiss.
  6. Use a peeler and slowly but firmly peel a curl from your Valrhona gianduja block and wrap to look like a rose.
  7. Place the curl behind the chocolate piece to the left.
  8. Can add an apricot sauce, more cake, chocolate pearls etc. to elevate further.



Take 1000g Jivara Chocolate, 100g Cocoa Butter , 80g Nibs and melt together.

Dip your 1.5 “ by 1.5” pieces

Top with rosette of salted whip, thin slice of dried apricot, cake crumbles and a small gianduja curl.