Plated desserts


Made with BLOND ORELYS 35%

An original recipe by Jérémy AspaMakes 24 desserts

3 steps

Recipe Step by Step



190g heavy cream 36%
20g Invert sugar
20g Glucose
270g ORELYS 35%
500g heavy cream 36%

Heat the smaller portion of cream, glucose and the invert sugar. Slowly pour the hot mixture over the melted chocolate. Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion. Add the larger portion of cold liquid cream. Mix in the immersion blender again. refrigerate for 12 hours. Whisk until the texture is consistent enough to use in a piping bag or with a spatula.



370g wheat flour
190g European style butter
140g confectioner's sugar
50g powdered almonds (blanched)
3g salt
80g eggs

First mix the creamed butter, salt, confectioner's sugar, powdered almonds, eggs and a small portion of the flour. Do not beat this mixture. As soon as you have a homogeneous mixture, add the remaining flour very quickly. Store the pastry in the refrigerator and spread it out the next day. Bake at 320°F (160°C).



Melt both ingredients together.

Assembly and finishing

Make the ORELYS Blond whipped ganache and almond shortcrust pastry. Spread out the almond shortcrust oastry to a thickness of approx. 3mm. Then cut out 2 x 18cm strips of shortcrust pastry. Store in the freezer. Use the shortcrust to line 5.5cm diameter rings. Use the offcuts to make a small, 0.5cm-diameter roll. Store this in the fridge, then cut out little 1cm-thick rounds. Bake the pastry in its rings and the small shortcrust rounds on a micro-perforated baking mat. Store in a dry place.Use a spray gun to apply a layer of spray mix onto the rings and little shortcrust rounds to protect them from humidity. Finish the whipped ganache.To make the decorations, finely spread out some pre-hardened white chocolate between two sheets of Valrhona Signature Zigzag Eggs transfer paper. Once this starts to harden, cut out rings using one fluted 6cm-diameter cutter and one plain round 2cm-diameter cutter. Leave these rings to set at a temperature of 61°F (16°C). Sieve the Sosa semi-confit whole bilberries through a chinois to get a juice that will serve as your sauce. Set aside.When you are ready to present your dessert, place a ring of shortcrust in the center of a plate. Using a piping bag with a 16mm-diameter plain round nozzle, pipe a whipped ganache base into the inside of the ring. Then garnish the dessert with Sosa whole semi-confit bilberries (40g) and 3 shortcrust pastry rounds. Add a drop of whipped ganache (30g) onto the bilberries. Put a chocolate decoration in place (see photo). Put another little drop of whipped ganache onto the decoration. Draw lines of sauce around the tartlet. Decorate the dessert with shortcrust rounds and a few bilberries.