Coconut & Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate Mousse
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Coconut & Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate Mousse

Recipe by David Vidal
Makes 12 portions

6 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Milk Chocolate Mousse (Plant Based)

260g  AMATIKA 46%

300g Oat cream

1 ea. NOROHY Vanilla bean

120 ml Water

25g Potato whip

30g Sugar

30g Trehalosa

Heat up the oat cream together with the vanilla, take off the heat and emulsify together with the melted chocolate.

Mix together the water and potato whip with a hand blender and place in a food mixer with a whisk attachment.

Mix together the sugar and trehalosa.

Start to whisk the potato whip, incorporating the sugar 3 times to form a stiff meringue.

When the chocolate is 35°C, fold in the meringue.

Pipe into moulds and blast freeze.


Milk Chocolate Flexi Ganache

200g AMATIKA 46%

125g Oat cream

20g Glucose syrup

30g Water

0.75g Agar agar

2g Iota

Line a 32x18 dish with cling film.

In a pot, boil up the oat cream, glucose and water.

Add the agar agar and iota.

Cook while whisking for 2 minutes and pour over chocolate.

Using a hand blender, mix together until it is emulsified well.

Pour into the dish and place in the fridge to set. When set, flip ganache over onto a cutting board and cut into thin strips.


Passion Fruit Gel

250g Passion fruit puree

20g Glecrem cold

50g Confectioners' sugar

Using a hand blender mix all ingredients together in a smooth gel.

Leave to swell for 10 minutes and mix again. If needed, sieve.

Store in a piping bag in the fridge.


Amatika Crémeux

140g AMATIKA 46%

220g Oat milk

20g Glucose syrup

8g Cornflour

In a pot bring the oat milk, glucose and cornflour to 95°C to form a thick paste.

Pour over the chocolate and, using a hand blender, mix to a smooth emulsion.

Chill until set.


Amatika Spray

Mix both ingredients together and spray at a temperature of 40°C.


Coconut Sorbet

250g Water

20g Sugar

50g Glucose syrup

1 ea  NOROHY Vanila bean

368g Coconut cream

20g Lime juice

In a pot bring everything to the boil.

Take off the heat and leave for 30 minutes covered to let the vanilla bean to infuse.

Bring to the heat again and strain.

Place in a pacojet canister and freeze for 24 hours or 4 hours in a blast freezer.

When needed, run through the pacojet.

Assembly and finishing

Coconut & Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate Mousse

Demould the chocolate mousse and spray with the amatika spray to get the velvet effect.

Place the mousse in the middle of the plate and wrap the flexi ganache around the mould.

Pipe the chocolate cremeux and the passion fruit gel.

Add some roasted shredded coconut and diced mango.

Place your chocolate decoration and garnish with atsina cress and oxalis.

Finish with a quenelle of the coconut sorbet.