Entremets & Cheesecakes


Made with Orizaba 39%

An original recipe from L'Ecole ValrhonaRecipe yields 4 cakes. 16 cm in diameter.

4 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Soft Milk Chocolate Sponge

220g butter
200g egg yolks
400g egg whites
220g caster sugar
70g strong flour

Recipe for one frame 40 x 60 cm

Melt the couverture with the butter.

Whip the egg whites with the caster sugar to soft peaks.

Add the egg yolks to the chocolate (50/55 °C), mix well, and then add a quarter of the whipped egg whites to soften the mixture.

Fold the rest of the egg whites in delicately with a spatula or a pastry scraper, sprinkling over the sifted flour.

Bake at 180/190 °C.


Caramel Orizaba Lactee 39% Cremeux

220g caster sugar
85g liquid butter
430g whipping cream 35%
20g glucose
3.5g salt

200 g / 14 cm insert

Dry cook the caster sugar to a nice golden brown caramel, add the glucose with the liquid butter and salt. Deglaze with the hot cream.

Incorporate gradually this liquid mixture to the melted cocoa butter and couverture, mixing at the centre to create a core of emulsion.

Add the remaining liquid keeping the texture. Process with a hand held mixer to perfect the emulsion. Let the crémeux to cool down in the fridge for few hours before pouring.


Orizaba Lactee 39 % Lightened Mousse

335g whole milk
8g gelatine
665g whipping cream 35%

330 g / 16 cm cake ring 20 g crunchy pearls

Soak the gelatine in an important quantity of water and drain.

Bring the milk to the boil and add the softened gelatine.

Pour about a third of the hot milk over the partially melted couverture and whisk well to get a shiny and smooth texture, sign of a well started emulsion.

Add gradually the rest of milk keeping the texture.

When the mixture reaches 35/40 °C, pour it over the foamy whipped cream and fold delicately.

Use immediately.


Extra Fluid Milk Couverture

Melt both ingredients together and spray at a 40/45 °C temperature.

Assembly and finishing

Cut out 4 discs of chocolate sponge using a 14 cm diameter ring.Line 14 cm cake ring with plastic strips and place the chocolate sponges in. Quick freeze.Make the Caramel Crèmeux ORIZABA LACTEE 39%, let it cool down to thicken before pouring over the chocolate sponge.Sprinkle some crunchy chocolate pearls all over. Quick freeze.For the final assembly, line 16 cm cake rings with plastic strips.Make the ORIZABA LACTÉE 39% Lightened Mousse, place the frozen previous assembly in and pour immediately 330 g of mousse in the 16 cm cake rings and quick freeze.Pastry Chef's Tip: Being very rich in sugar, it is better to keep the caramel crémeux in the freezer to the last minute before finishing the assembly (when pouring the ORIZABA LACTÉE 39% Lightened Mousse in).Remove the rings. Whip some whipping cream to a runny stage.With a rubber spatula maryse, make drizzles of cream over the cakes. Quick freeze the lot.Spray the frozen cakes with the extra fluid couverture in order to get a velvet effect.Mix some VALRHONA ABSOLU CRISTAL glaze with coffee paste or caramel colouring, warm it slightly in the microwave.Make some drizzles of glaze and decorate with an in house chocolate logo.