Thickener composed of refined corn starch.

Thickening agent GELCREM HOT

Thickener composed of refined corn starch.

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Our range of thickening agents allows you to thicken preparations without altering their taste. You can select a product depending on your required application: hot, cold, not thick to very thick, etc.

For optimal use, mix the product with a liquid while heating. Suitable for use with all liquids, can be frozen. The texturizing agent is not able to go back to its initial state after it has been activated and its temperature changed. You can use this product to make various hot creams without adding eggs or milk products. The recommended measure is 20-50g/kg.


Best by:

24 months


Maize starch

Kosher product


Gluten free




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Recommended keep at 15-25 C, in a dry place out of light, in original packaging until use and closed.


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Other feature(s)

Production process: Our thickening agents have been designed using specific processes to suit the way they are extracted.

Recommended use: Perfect for making coulis, sauces, syrups, soups, purées, creams and more.

Thickener composed of refined corn starch.