A powdered gelling agent made from sodium pectate.

Plant-based Gelling Agents FRUIT PECTIN NH

A powdered gelling agent made from sodium pectate.

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With our plant-based gelling agents range, we supply you with products that enable you to create varied textures ranging from flexible to firm to brittle.

For optimal use, mix the product with liquid with a pH below 7 while heating. Suitable for use with all aqueous liquids, can be frozen. The texturizing agent goes back to its initial state after it has been activated and its temperature changed. You can use this product to make firm, rigid gels (like pastes, jellies and jams), or firm, springy gels (toppings). The recommended measure is 8-20g/kg (for toppings) or 30-40g/kg (for pastes, jellies and jams).


Best by:

24 months


Thickener: amidated pectin (E440ii), Stabilizer: disodium diphosphate (E450i), Dextrose, and Acid: tricalcium phosphate (E341iii)

Kosher product


Gluten free




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Recommended keep at 15-25 C, in a dry place out of light, in original packaging until use and closed.


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Other feature(s)

Production process: Our plant-based gelling agents have been designed using specific processes to suit the way they are extracted.

Recommended use: Perfect for making fruit pastes, jams, glazes, inclusions, panna cottas, jellied mousses and more.

A powdered gelling agent made from sodium pectate.