VANILLA PRODUCTS Organic Bourbon Vanilla Extract

USDA certified Organic Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract

32 FL OZ or 128 FL OZ

Guaranteed vanillin content

Bottle made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET

Flavor Profile Vanilla

Hint of Woody

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We have chosen to carefully select Madagascan vanilla planifolia beans according to a strict set of specifications to guarantee high vanillin content in our extract, as this is the main aromatic component of the plant. To make sure that your creations always get a strong, aromatic hit of vanilla, we only use vanilla beans with Vanilla beans are macerated in a series of baths of alcohol. This process allows us to obtain the purest, more intense taste of the Madagascar vanilla bean in the extract.

30 to 40g vanilla extract offers the same vanillin content as a whole vanilla bean and all the aromatic richness of Madagascan vanilla.


Best by:

24 months


Alcohol, Madagascar organic vanilla beans* *Product made using organic farming techniques

Kosher product


Gluten free



32 FL OZ - 128 FL OZ

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Before opening, store in original packaging, in a dry place away from light and heat. After opening, keep in a cool place.


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