Yuzu Sesame Recipe
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Yuzu Sesame


An original recipe by Chef Jeremy Garcia

8 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Honey Lychee Sorbet

400g water

135g sugar, granulated

200g honey

235g glucose powder

5g sorbet stabilizer

2000g lychee purée


Combine sugar with glucose powder & stabilizer.

Whisk the sugar mixture into water, followed by honey.

Bring mixture to a simmer. Remove from heat.

Strain and chill base. Whisk in puree.

Pour into Pacojet beakers and freeze.


White Chocolate Yogurt Mousse

For 4 molds:

220g heavy cream

400g greek yogurt


10g gelatin, silver

750g heavy cream

Combine yogurt and heavy cream in a bowl over a water bath.

Warm yogurt mixture and add bloomed gelatin; whisk until smooth.

Melt Opalys chocolate. Emulsify yogurt mixture into chocolate.

Whip heavy cream to medium peak. Fold into mixture.

Pipe mousse into molds. Add a namelak/gelee insert, smooth & freeze.

Brush bottoms with pate de glacer before unmolding.


Sesame Pressed Dough

1000g Almond Pate Sucree

180g  Jivara Chocolate

50g Sesame Paste

Cook almond pate sucree (or similar shortbread) to golden brown.

Melt Jivara and combine with black sesame paste in a bowl.

Robocoup shortbread to fine texture. Add to chocolate mixture.

Roll out mixture between acetate sheets to 16"x24".

Cut out pressed dough to match shape of mousse mold.


Sesame Namelak

For ¼ sheet:

128g Whole Milk

6g Glucose Syrup

50g Black Sesame Paste

4g Silver Gelatin

64g  Yuzu Inspiration

150g  Opalys Chocolate

250g Heavy Cream




Combine milk, glucose and black sesame paste. Bring to a boil.

Whisk bloomed gelatin into milk mixture.

Melt yuzu & opalys chocolates together over a water bath.

Emulsify milk mixture into chocolates.

Add cold cream and set emuslion with stick blender.

Pour namelak into plastic-lined 1/4th sheet pan. Freeze.


Yuzu Gelee

For ¼ sheet:

430g Yuzu Juice, Shibori

100g sugar, granulated

60g water

12g gelatin, silver

1/2 ea  Vanilla Bean

Combine yuzu juice with sugar & scraped vanilla bean in a pot.

Bring to a boil. Whisk in the bloomed gelatin.

Chill over ice and reduce temp to 34°C. Pour over the namelak.


Cocoa Sesame Tuile

For 2 sheets:

75g butter

75g sugar

25g glucose syrup

25g milk


75g Black Sesame

Boil butter, sugar, glucose & milk.

Add seeds & nibs.

Simmer gently for 30 secs.

Pour onto Silpat, spread out thinly & bake at 325°F until lightly colored, 6-8 minutes.


White Glaze

20g gelatin

120g water

300g glucose syrup

300g sugar

150g water

200g SC milk


Bloom gelatin with first water.

Boil second water with glucose & sugar. Melt in gelatin. Add SCM & white chocolate. Use at 32°C.


Yuzu Cremeux

250g yuzu juice, shibori

1ea lime zest

200g sugar, granulated

400g eggs, whole

1ea gelatin, silver

215g butter, unsalted



Combine yuzu juice with lime zest, vanilla bean & 1/2 of sugar.

Bring mixture to boil.

Whisk remaining sugar with egg yolks until smooth.

Temper juice into egg mixture. Return to pot and cook to 84°C.

Whisk in the bloomed gelatin. Strain mixture through a chinois.

Whisk in yuzu inspiration. Pour into pan and let set in the fridge.

Assembly and finishing

Yuzu Sesame Recipe


  • Pacotize sorbet and reserve in the freezer
  • Unmold frozen mousse bars and let defrost
  • Cover with white mirror glaze. Splatter with black cocoa butter.
  • Transfer glazed bars onto pressed dough pieces.
  • Garnish bars with piped yuzu cremeux, deco, and sesame tuile.
  • Finish with a quenelle of sorbet.