Plated desserts


Made with CARAMÉLIA 36% Baking Bag

An original recipe by Chef Noelle Marchetti

10 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Dulcey Chantilly

360g Valrhona Dulcey

1000g Cream

Boil cream and pour over chocolate.

Immersion blend and chill overnight before whipping.


Wheatberry Crisp

Press tightly into silpats and store in fridge.

Cut with cutter for bases

720g Cookie Butter

300g Valrhona Guanaja 70%

680g Feulletine

175g Popped Wheatberries

Pinch Sea Salt


Chocolate Shiny Glaze

720g Water

126g Gelatin

810g Cream

1215g Sugar

1013 Glucose

405g Valrhona Cocoa Powder

Combine all ingredients and bring to boil. Strain and chill.

Heat to 80*F to use


Nib Gelato

4000g Milk

400g Cream

200g Milk Powder

300g Glucose Powder

960g Brown Sugar

48g Yolks

2ea Vanilla Beans

24g IC Stabilizer

500g Nibs

10g Salt

Bring cream, milk, half sugar, and glucose powder, vanilla to a boil

Temper into yolks, milk powder, stabilizer and other half of sugar.

Cook to nape with nibs

Let nibs steep overnight. Strain before churning


Malted Mousse

595g Milk

595g Cream

84g Sugar

280g Yolks

72g Gelatin

2380g Caramelia 

3150g Whipped Cream

325g Malt

Boil milk and cream

Temper into yolks and sugar

Add malt and cook to nape

Add gelatin and pour over chocolate

Immersion blend VERY WELL

Fold in whipped cream


Malto Mousse Assembly

Pipe mousse into desired mold

Push crespelle cube inside mousse until covered

Freeze molds overnight and unmold the next day.

Glaze with chocolate glaze directly from freezer at 80*F

Place glazed mousse on wheatberry crisp base and store in fridge until ready to plate.


Brown Sugar Pastry Cream

30g Malt Powder

70g Butter

441g Milk

220g Cream

150g Brown Sugar

44g Cornstarch

AN Vanilla Paste

136g Yolks

Bring cream and milk to a boil.

Temper into yolks, sugar, malt, and cornstarch.

Return to pot and whisk until mixture is thick and boils.

Add vanilla paste and transfer to mixer.

Add butter and mix until cool.

Store in fridge


Brown Sugar Wheatberry Beignets

1500g King Arthur Galahad Flour

500g King Arthur Lancelot Flour

320g Sugar

40g Salt

24g Yeast

1400g Whole Egg

1000g Butter

Mix all ingredients until combined except butter.

Add butter slowly and increase speed until dough cleans the bowl.

Proof overnight in the fridge

Roll and cut desired size.

Proof donuts for 30min at room temperature before frying.


Wheatberry Sugar

300g Brown Sugar

150g Ground Wheatberries

Mix to combine

Coat donuts after frying


Cocoa Nib Crumble

80g Milk Powder

70g AP Flour

20g Cocoa Powder

24g Cornstarch

50g Sugar

4g Salt

110g Butter

180g Guanaja 70% (Coat)

80g Nibs (coat)

Mix all ingredients except chocolate and nibs until crumble consistency is achieved.

Bake on Silpat at 250*F for 12 minutes.

Cool and toss with melted chocolate and nibs.

Fridge until ready to be stored.


Vanilla Crepes

140g AP Flour

1/8 tsp Salt

25 grams Sugar

2ea Eggs

300g Milk

3g Vanilla Extract

28g Melted Butter

Combine all wet ingredients and whisk well.

Add all dry ingredients and blend.

Chill overnight before cooking on a crepe pan.

Crespelle Assembly

Layer vanilla crepes with 50g of brown sugar pastry cream

Freeze overnight and cut into small cubes

Assembly and finishing


Glaze Malto mousse and place on wheatberry crisp base.

Whip Dulcey Chantilly until soft peak. Place in piping bag with rose petal tip.

Fry donuts and coat with wheatberry sugar


Place Malto mousse in middle of plate

Pipe (3) sets of Dulcey Chantilly petals- one on top, two on the sides

Place (3) wheatberry beignets- one on top, two on the sides

Place (2) pieces of cocoa nib crumble next to beignets

Garnish with shiso greenery, logo plaque and tempered chocolate sticks

Quenelle gelato on top of Cantonese cocoa nibs.

Other Garnishes

Tempered Chocolate Sticks/ Yolan logog

Variegated Shiso

Cantonese Cocoa Nibs