Plated desserts

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Made with BLOND ORELYS 35%

An original recipe by L'École ValrhonaRecipe for 25 plated desserts.

7 steps

Recipe Step by Step


ORELYS Blond Caramel Whipped Ganache

140g Whipping Cream
18.7g Sugar
14g Glucose
203g ORELYS 35%
374g Whipping Cream

Heat the smaller portion of whipping cream.

Make a dry caramel with the sugar and deglaze with the warm cream. Add the glucose.

Slowly pour the hot mixture over the melted ORELYS couverture.

Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion.

Add the larger portion of whipping cream.

Mix with the immersion blender again.

Store in the refrigerator and leave to stiffen, preferably overnight.

Whip until firm.


ORELYS Namelaka

2.5g Gelatin
102g Milk
5.1g Glucose
188g ORELYS 35%
203g Whipping Cream

Heat the milk with the glucose, then add the rehydrated gelatin.

Gradually pour the hot milk onto the melted ORELYS couverture to form an emulsion.

Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion.

Add the whipping cream then mix again.

Leave to stiffen in the refrigerator overnight.


Date and Muscovado Pound Cake

268g Butter
185g Sugar
82.3g Muscovado Sugar
268g Eggs
196g All Purpose Flour
6.2g Baking Powder
72g Hazelnuts (ground)
123g Dates (diced)

Mix the sugar with muscovado sugar to remove any lumps.

Cream the butter with a mixer and add the sugar.

Gradually add the eggs, allowing them to incorporate between additions.

Add in the hazelnuts followed by the flour sifted with the baking powder.

Finally add the diced date pieces.

Spread the mixture evenly in a suitable frame to around 2.5cm deep.

Cook at 356°F(180°C) for 10-12 minutes.

When the cake is cooked, remove from the warm tray and cover tightly to retain the moisture.


Pear and Date Salad

226g Pear
113g Dates
37.7g Lemon Juice
22.6g Sugar

Peel the pears and use a small parisienne scoop to cut spheres.

Coat the pears spheres in the sugar and a little of the lemon juice.

Poach in a dry pan until just cooked through, add more lemon juice to taste.

Cover and cool quickly, set aside in a refrigerator.

Before dressing the plate, slice the dates very finely and add them to the drained pear cubes.

Delicately combine the two.


Muscovado and Orange Streusel for ORELYS Almond Shortbread

70.2g Butter
70.2g All Purpose Flour
70.2g Almond Flour
70.2g Muscovado Sugar
2.3g Orange Zest
23.4g Wheat Flake Cereal

Cut the cold butter into small cubes. Mix using the flat beater in an electric mixer along with the muscovado sugar, flour, almond flour and orange zest.

Add in the flake cereak and mix briefly, but do not let the dough break up too much.

Store in the referigerator or freezer until you are ready.

Bake at 300°F (150°C) with the oven door slightly ajar until golden brown.


ORELYS Pressed Almond Shortbread

70.2g ORELYS 35%
306g Muscovado and Orange Streusel

Once the streusel has been cooked and cooled, weigh it and break it up slightly.

Mix it with the melted ORELYS couverture and praline. Shape it into individual pieces.

Store in the refrigerator.


Caramel Orange Sauce

90g Sugar
3g Orange Zest
90g Glucose
37.5g Butter
75g Fresh Orange Juice
150g Whipping Cream
45g OPALYS 33%

Warm the orange juice and set aside.

Make a dry caramel with the sugar, then add the glucose and zest.

Stop the cooking with the butter, and add the warmed juice.

Bring to a boil, add the cream and cook for 2 minutes.

Take off the heat and strain.

When cooled to 158°F(70°C), emulsify onto the melted ORELYS couverture.

Cover the surface tightly and reserve in the refrigerator..

Assembly and finishing

ASSEMBLY:Temper some ORELYS 35% couverture and spread it between two pieces of acetate paper. Score 4cm x 2.5cm rectangles.Cut the Pound Cake into 8cm and 4cm bands.Slice off 2.5cm slices and lay the Pund Cake flat.Brush the cut surface with a little of the Caramel Orange Sauce.Drain the pears and add the dates. Mix the Pressed Shortbread with a little gold shimmer powder.Whip the Caramel Whipped Ganache to a light smooth consistency.FINISHINGUse a piping bag with a plain round 14mm nozzle to pipe on three rounds of Whipped Ganache (approx. 30g).Leave a teaspoon to warm up in hot water, then use it to make a hollow in the ganache rounds.Fill each hollow with Caramel Sauce. Place the Nameleka in a piping bag with a 10mm plain round nozzle, then pipe on droplets (approx. 20g).Warm the Pound Cake in the microwave for 30 seconds so it absorbs the Caramel Sauce.Place on the plate, then add the chocolate decor to the larger piece, it will melt slightly.Put in place a few Pressed Shortbread pieces (approx. 15g) and the Pear and Date Compote (approx 15g). Finish with a house logo.