Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
Ice Cream and Sorbet

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Made with Nyangbo 68%

Original recipe by Alain Chartier

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Recipe Step by Step


Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

1.9kg milk

71g skim milk powder 0% fat

126g sugar

180g atomised glucose

120g inverted sugar

53g cream 35% fat

450g  NYANGBO 68%

6g fresh mint leaves

12g combined stabiliser

Take a part of the sugar and mix the stabilizer in.

Start heating the milk with skim milk powder and mint leaves.

At 30°C, stir in the sugars (sugar, glucose, inverted sugar).

At 40°C, stir in the cream.

At 45°C, stir in the sugared stabiliser.

At 50°C, pour the hot liquid on the dark chocolate and mix with a hand blender to a perfect emulsion.

Pasteurise to 85°C, mix with a hand blender, chill down to 4°C, allow to mature at 4°C for 12 hours.

Mix and churn at -8/-9°C.

Mold and store at -18°C.