Valrhona Molded Chocolate Easter Egg
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Hutt Chocolate Easter Eggs

Made with Andoa Milk 39%

Makes 12 eggs

2 steps

Recipe Step by Step



210g  ANDOA MILK 39%

190g glucose syrup

Melt the couverture.

Add the glucose syrup heated to 105°F (40°C).

Mix and spread out between two guitar sheets.

Leave to set fully for several hours at 60-65°F (16/18°C).





380g crispy wheat flake cereal

750g chopped pistachios

15g fleur de sel

Melt the COCOA BUTTER and add it to the pistachio praliné.

Add the crispy wheat flake cereal, the chopped pistachios and the fleur de sel.

Use immediately.

Assembly and finishing

Valrhona Molded Chocolate Easter Egg


After the chocomel has set, spread it to a depth of 2mm in a press. Put on any textured sheet and spread it to 1.5mm. Freeze.

Pull off the textured sheet, then cut the chocomel into 6cm circles pierced in the middle with a 4cm ring. Store at 80°F (17°C).

Coat the “Vibrato Egg Mold” (ref.12818) with pre-crystallized couverture chocolate.

Turn over, leave the liquid to spread for a few moments, then trim away any excess. Drain the molds by holding them suspended over two rulers.

Before setting is complete, trim away any excess, then mold again. Tap the mold to obtain the thickness you require.

Leave to set, trim again, then store at a temperature of 60°F (17°C) until the chocolate is ready to slip out of its mold.

Heat a 5cm cutter and use it to cut a hole in every other half-egg to create a “doorway”.

Keep the chocolate you have cut out, as this will be your door.

Use a metal brush to score the door to create a wood look.

Use some pre-crystallized couverture to stick the door inside in such a way as to leave a gap in the doorway.

Stick the egg halves together by melting each one’s edges on a hot surface (135-140°F or 58-60°C) so that they seal firmly.

Leave to set.

Base: Make the pistachio “moss” crisp and place 110g unevenly onto a sheet of baking paper. Press the egg into the middle of the crisp (see photo). Add 30g of pistachio “moss” on top of the egg.

Use some pre-crystallized couverture to stick on a dark crunchy pearl to make a door handle, and add a ring of chocomel around the door and a few crunchy pearls in the pistachio moss.