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Hukambi Oat Snacking Bar

Made with Hukambi 53 %

An original recipe by Guillaume Roesz, l'École Valrhona.

Calculated for 66 pcs.

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Caramelized Oat Praline


63,6g Cocoa Butter

106g Caramelized oat

Melt the cocoa butter at 122/131°F (50/55°C) and mix with the praline.

Initiate crystallization at 77/78.8°F (25/26°C).

Coarsely mix the caramelized oat flakes and add them to the praline.

Use immediately.


Caramelized Oat for "Caramelized Oat Praline"

 11,8 g Water

28,8 g Sugar

65,5 g Oat

Roast the rolled oats for about 20 minutes at 300°F (150°C).

Heat the water and the sugar to 240°F (115°C) then add the oatmeal.

Sand the oats and then caramelize everything.

Reserve aside.


Hukambi 53% framed ganache

273 g Cream 35% fat

 84,8 g Glucose Syrup DE60 SOSA


62,8 g Butter

Heat the cream with glucose to 140/149°F (60/65°C) , pour half of it over the bean chocolate.

Mix using a Maryse, add the rest of the cream and mix to perfect the emulsion.

When the temperature of the ganache is between 95/104°F (35/40°C), add the tempered butter (around 64,5°F) (approx. 18°C), diced and mix again.

Pour the ganache at a temperature of 89,6/93,2°F (32/34°C) in a frame previously glued onto a cover sheet of guitar.

Leave to crystallize for 24 to 36 hours at 60,8/64,5°F (16/18°C) and 60% humidity.

Crop, cut and detail to the desired shape.

Finish crystallization and coat.


Soft Caramel Toffee

375 g Sugar

 40 g Glucose Syrup DE38/40

 380 g Cream 35% fat

 100 g Butter

Heat the whipping cream and infuse with the lemon zest.

Warm the glucose, gradually stir in the caster sugar and cook to a light brown caramel.

De-glaze the caramel with the butter, stir in the strained cream and cook to 244°F (118°C).

Pour in a frame over 1cm high and set aside.


Nougatine with Oat

10 g Mineral water

 125 g Butter

 50 g Glucose Syrup DE38/40

 150 g Sugar

 2,5 g Pectin NH SOSA

 175 g Oat

Mix the sugar with the pectin, then the butter and the glucose. Cook over low heat without stirring too much until the ingredients mix.

Add the warmed cocoa nibs, spread between two sheets of oven paper. Bake at 180/185°C.

Set aside in a dry place.

Assembly and finishing

Make the Soft Caramel Toffee and pour it into a 4-mm frame and set aside to crystallize.
Temper the Almond/Hazelnut Oat Praliné, place a 4-mm frame on top.
of the soft caramel toffee frame, and pour the praliné over the top.
After crystallization, flip over the frame in order to have the Caramel facing you.
Make the Hukambi ganache and poor it over the Caramel with a 6-mm frame on top.
Let crystallize 24 hours at 60F with 60% humidity.
Prepare a guitar cutter with the 1.5-cm cutting arm and cut out the frame.
Immediately cut 11-cm strips with a knife to obtain 1.5 cm x 11 cm “fingers.”
Pipe a fine line of tempered milk couverture and place immediately a Oat Nougatine strip on top.
Coat each finger with the blower setting to achieve a wave pattern.