Entremets & Cheesecakes

Ghana Dessert

Made with Nyangbo 68%

An original recipe by L'Ecole ValrhonaRecipe made for approximately 6 desserts x 16 cm diameter

6 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Chocolate Biscuit

500g whole eggs
150g inverted sugar
250g caster sugar
150g ground almonds
240g whipping cream 35%
240g high gluten flour
15g baking powder
160g pasteurized butter
100g NYANGBO 68%

1500 g / 40 x 60 frame

Mix the eggs with the inverted sugar and the caster sugar. Add the ground almonds, the flour sifted with the baking powder and the cocoa powder.

Pour on the cream mixed with the butter melted at 45/50 °C.

Finish by adding the hot NYANGBO couverture 68% melted at 45/50 °C.

Allow the mixture to rest in a refrigerator for at least 7/8 hours to optimise rising when baking.

Bake in a frame at 180 °C for about 12 minutes.


Pieces of Nyangbo Couverture

Melt then temper the NYANGBO couverture, spread out thinly on a guitar sheet and freeze.

Once frozen, break the sheet into pieces. Set aside in a freezer until needed.


Basic Custard

250g whipping cream 35%
250g full fat milk
100g egg yolks
50g caster sugar

Heat the cream with the milk to boiling point and pour over the yolks mixed (but not beaten) with the sugar.

Cook until the mixture coats the back of a spoon at 82/84 °C, sieve through a chinois and use immediately or cool rapidly and set aside in a refrigerator.


Crunchy Nyangbo Supreme

570g basic custard
445g NYANGBO 68%
170g whipping cream 35%
140g NYANGBO 68% in pieces

200 g / filling

Make an emulsion by gradually pouring the custard over the melted couverture to obtain a texture which is smooth, shiny an elastic. Check the mixture is at 35/40 °C.

Add the lightly whipped cream using a spatula and immediately incorporate the pieces of couverture.

Pour out immediately and freeze.


Light Nyangbo Mousse

450g full fat milk
900g whipping cream 35%
520g NYANGBO 68%
5g gelatine

280 to 300 g / dessert

Soak the gelatine in a large quantity of water.

Chop the chocolate or use NYANGBO in bean form.

Heat the milk to boiling point and add the well drained gelatine.

Pour about 1/3 of the hot liquid over the chocolate and mix with a hand held mixer to make a smooth, shiny and elastic texture, showing the start of an emulsion.

Gradually add the rest of the milk while maintaining the same texture.

Lightly whip the cream. When the mixture has cooled to 45/50 °C, incorporate the whipped cream.

Pour out immediately and freeze.


Absolu Chocolate Glaze

100-120g water

Add the water to the VALRHONA ABSOLU CRISTAL and heat in a microwave to 40/45°C

Mix to fluidify. Use immediately.

Assembly and finishing

Stamp out 140 mm chocolate biscuit disks and place them in a ring of the same dimension.Make the Crunchy NYANGBO supreme.Immediately pour the required amount over the biscuit. Freeze.Make the light NYANGBO 68% mousse and pour into 160 mm rings. Place the frozen fillings inside the mousse and freeze.Remove the desserts from the ring and glaze with the Absolu glaze.Using orange coloured cocoa butter, make a velours finish with an airbrush on one side of the dessert.To decorate: temper some dark chocolate couverture and spread on a frozen sheet. Immediately cut out strips and twist them to give them some movement.Place on a cold plaque and allow to crystallise for at least 12 hours before manipulating. Place the decorations on the desserts.