Cocoa Chocolate Sacher Sponge Biscuit
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Cocoa Chocolate Sacher Sponge Biscuit


A recipe that can be used by pastry; chocolate shops and hotels; restaurants; and catering alike.

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Recipe Step by Step


Sponge Biscuit

430g Almond Paste 50%
130g Sugar
210g Egg Yolks
150g Whole Eggs
250g Egg Whites
130g Sugar
100g High Gluten Flour
100g Pure Cocoa Mass Extra
100g Butter

Soften the almond paste by adding the egg yolks and the whole eggs one by one and then add the 130g of sugar.

Beat to the ribbon stage.

Whip the whites to tiff peaks, gradually adding the rest of the sugar.

Sift the cocoa powder and flour together. At the same time, melt the cocoa paste and the butter.

Mix a small amount of egg whites with the melted cocoa paste and butter to obtain a smooth, light mixture.

Add the almond paste, egg and egg yolk mixture to this.

Fold in the dry ingredients, then the rest of the egg hites.

Assembly and finishing

Cocoa Chocolate Sacher Sponge Biscuit

Bake in moulds or rings or on baking trays at 180/200°C, damper closed (one 40 x 60 cm sheer weighs 600 to 1000g).