Valrhona Chocolate Bombe Recipe by Alessia Patisserie.
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Chocolate Bombe

Made with Manjari 64%

An original recipe by Alessia Patisserie.

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step



325g milk

325g cream

130g yolks

150g Manjari 64%

150g Gianduja Chocolate

15g gelatin (250 bloom)

75g water

Heat liquids and temper the yolks.

Cook 82

Pour over chocolate & gelatin, and blend until combined.


Gluten-Free Chocolate Sable

770g Gluten-Free Flour

190g Cocoa Powder

326g powdered sugar

515g butter

192g whole egg

Creaming method.

Sheet to 1.5cm


Dark Chocolate Dip

500g Dark Chocolate

50g oil

450g Cocoa Butter

Melt together.


Chocolate Mirror Glaze

700g Dark Chocolate

400g water

600g sugar

400g condensed milk

38g gelatin

190g water

Heat water, sugar, and condensed milk, and pour over chocolate & gelatin.

Add second water last, mix until fully incorporated, best used at 32-35 C°.


Chocolate Fudge Insert

450g water

300g sugar

80g corn syrup

115g Cocoa Powder

150g cream

75g Dark Chocolate

Bring water sugar and corn syrup to a boil, add Cosita powder and cream.

Bring back to boil, pour over the chocolate. Freeze in a small round mold.

Assembly and finishing

Valrhona Chocolate Bombe Recipe by Alessia Patisserie.

Blast chill liquid chocolate until hard, unmold, dip in chocolate dip, and freeze again.

Pour the Cremeux into a sphere mold, 2/3 full, place dipped liquid chocolate into the center, and fill the remainder of the mold. Freeze.

Heat glaze and pour over frozen bombe.

Place circle cut, baked gluten-free sable on the plate. With a skewer lift the bombe off the glazing rack and place on the sable.

Break the set tempered shards and place them around the bombe.