Plated desserts


Made with Manjari 64%

by Chef Devin Braddock made for 24 plated desserts

8 steps

Recipe Step by Step



400g Whole Milk
400g Water
12g Kosher Salt
12g Granulated Sugar
360g Butter
400g AP Flour
80g Valrhona Cocoa Powder
500g Whole Eggs

Melt down butter in a sauce pot and add whole milk, water, salt, and sugar. Bring to a boil.

Sift dry ingredients and add to the liquids in the pot, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until a ball forms and all dry ingredients have been completely incorporated.

Remove contents from pot and put in an 8-quart Kitchen Aid bowl fitted with a paddle attachment.

Start mixing on low speed until dough slightly cools.

Gradually add eggs, one at a time, scraping in between additions with a rubber spatula.

The batter should be glossy and tight.

Pipe on a silpat with an Ateco #305 tip, 5 Inches long, in a straight line.

Allow choux to rest overnight in a refridgerator.

Top with prepared Craqueline and bake at 325F (163C) for 25 minutes or until the choux

is completely baked throughout.

Cut off both ends of the eclair and fill with Gianduja Mousse.


Cocoa Craqueline

40g Butter
43g AP Flour
7g VALRHONA Cocoa Powder
50g Dark Brown Sugar
3g Kosher Salt

Sift AP Flour and Cocoa Powder together, set aside.

In an 8-quart Kitchen Aid Mixer, fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the butter (at room temperature) and Dark Brown Sugar for 3 minutes on medium speed.

Fold in remaining ingredients by hand until homogenous.

Roll between two sheets of parchment into a large rectangle, 1/8 Inch in thickness.

Cut rectangles (1/2 Inch x 5 Inches) and Chill overnight.

Top Black Forest Eclair with Cocoa Craqueline just before baking.


Gianduja Mousse

40g Granulated Sugar
50g Egg Yolk'
2g Kosher Salt
1 Vanilla Bean Pod
140g Whole Milk
1g Trablit (Espresso Liquor)
2 Sheets Gold Leaf Gelatin, Bloomed
180g VALRHONA Gianduja
180g Heavy Whipping Cream, Whipped to Soft Peaks
100g VALRHONA Pure Hazelnut Praline Paste

Whip cold heavy cream to soft peaks, set aside.

Bloom Gold Leaf Gelatin in ice water and dry. Set aside.

In a small sauce pot, bring Whole Milk, Trablit, Vanilla Pod, and salt to a boil.

Whisk together the Granulated Sugar and Egg Yolk until ribbons form. Temper the eggs with hot milk and combine in the sauce pot.

Cook contents until 180F (82C) and add in Gelatin. Pass through a sieve.

Pour your mixture over the Gianduja and Praline Paste and whisk together until glossy.

Gently fold the ganache with Soft Whipped Heavy Cream until homogenous.

Place Gianduja Mousse in a piping bag and allow to set overnight.

Fill Black Forest Eclair with the Gianduja Mousse and clean up the sides with an offset spatula.


Cocoa Nib Tuile

100g Butter
135g Granulated Sugar
60g Light Corn Syrup
45g Whole Milk
5g Vanilla Paste
2g Kosher Salt
90g VALRHONA Cocoa Nibs

Bring all ingredients, minus the Cocoa Nibs, to 230F (110C).

Add in Cocoa Nibs and keep chilled overnight.

Bake the following day at 300F (149C) for 10 minutes on a silpat or until crisp and caramelized.

Allow to cool and store in an airtight container.


Crystalized Soil

90g Water
240g Granulated Sugar
50g Manjari 64%
60g Caramelia
1g Maldon

In a saucepot, bring together Water and Granulated Sugar to 275F (135C).

Add Caramelia and Manjari to sugar and whisk until crystalized.

Pour over silpat and allow to cool completely.

Store in an airtight container.


Cherry Fluid Gel

250g Morello Cherry Puree
25g Granulated Sugar
1g Orange Zest
1g Citric Acid
5g Agar Agar

In a sauce pot, combine all ingredients.

Whisking continuously, bring contents to a boil for 90 seconds.

Pass through a sieve and allow to set completely in a cooler.

In a blender, buzz set gel until completely smooth. Pass through a sieve and Cryovac until all air bubbles are gone.

Put Cherry Fluid Gel in a sauce bottle.


Candy Cap Mushroom Meringue

140g Clean Egg White, Room Temperature
2g Cream of Tartar
2g Kosher Salt
3g Vanilla Paste
200g Granulated Sugar
1g Dried Candy Cap Mushroom

Place Candy Cap Mushrooms in a Spice Grinder and buzz until light powder forms. Set aside.

In a Kitchen Aid, fitted with a Whisk Attachment, combine Egg Whites, Cream of Tartar.

Whisk on high until foam forms.

Gradually add in Granulated Sugar and continue whisking on high until stiff peaks form.

Add in Vanilla Paste and Kosher Salt. Place contents into a piping bag fitted with an Ateco #804 Round Tip.

On a silpat lined sheet tray, pipe "caps" of mushrooms 1 Inch in Diameter. Dust tops with Candy Cap Mushroom Dust.

Pipe "tail" of mushrooms on another silpat lined sheet tray, 1 Inch in height.

Bake at 200F (93C) for one hour or until completely dry.

Attach the "tail" to the "caps" using water and allow to dry fully before storing in an airtight container.


Manjari Branches

100g  Manjari 64%
300g Crushed Ice
300g Water

In a double boiler, melt down Manjari. Transfer to a piping bag with a small tip.

Combine Crushed Ice and Water together in a bowl.

Pipe melted Manjari over Ice Water Mix in a branch-like pattern.

Remove branches using tweezers and keep frozen. Toss branches in Valrhona Cocoa Powder.

Assembly and finishing

 Place filled Black Forest Eclair on a flat plate.
 Make small dots of the Cherry Fluid Gel directly on plate (5-7 dots)
 Add Crystalized Soil in two small piles surrounding the eclair.
 Break up Cocoa Nib Tuile organically on the plate (3 pieces)
 Finish with Manjari Branches and Candy Cap Mushroom Meringues (2 each per plate)