Entremets & Cheesecakes

Balinese Elixir

Made with Sakanti Bali 68%

An original recipe from Frédéric Bau and José Manuel Augusto.

4 steps

Recipe Step by Step



430g 3211 (PATE D'AMANDE PROVENCE 50% 4KG)
130g sugar
210g egg yolks
150g eggs
250g egg whites
130g sugar
100g pastry flour
200g 14637 (CUVEE SAKANTI BALI 68% BLOC 1KG)
100g vegetable oil

Mix together the ALMOND PASTE and your initial portion of sugar, then make them more liquid by gradually incorporating the egg yolks and eggs.

Beat until a ribbon forms. Whisk the egg whites while gradually adding the remaining sugar.

Mix a small portion of the beaten egg whites with the melted SAKANTI 68% couverture and vegetable oil until a smooth, lightweight texture forms.

Add the mixture of almond paste, eggs, egg yolks and sugar.

ncorporate the sifted flour and finish off with the rest of the egg whites.

Bake in a mold, ring, or on a baking mat at 170-200°C (340-375°F).



450g whipping cream
50g glucose
50g invert sugar
370g 14637 (CUVEE SAKANTI BALI 68% BLOC 1KG)
900g whipping cream

Heat the smaller portion of cream, the glucose and the invert sugar. Slowly pour the hot mixture over the melted SAKANTI 68% couverture.

Immediately mix using an immersion blender to make a perfect emulsion. Add the larger portion of cold cream. Mix using the immersion blender again.

Leave to set in the refrigerator, preferably for 12 hours. Do not whip. Pour it out to make a frozen puddle to insert into the assembly.


crème anglaise mousse

600g crème anglaise
900g whipping cream
665g 14637 (CUVEE SAKANTI BALI 68% BLOC 1KG)

Once the crème anglaise has been heated and strained, use a spatula to create an emulsion by pouring it slowly onto the melted SAKANTI 68% couverture.

Stabilize the emulsion by adding cream whipped to the texture of a mousse.

Once the mixture is smooth, check the temperature is at 45-48°C (115-120°F) and add the remaining frothy whipped cream. Pour immediately and freeze.


Sakanti Spray

700g 14637 (CUVEE SAKANTI BALI 68% BLOC 1KG)
300g 160 (BEURRE DE CACAO 3KG)

Melt the ingredients and combine. Use the mixture at 40-45˚C (104-133˚F) to spray on your frozen dessert.

Assembly and finishing

Create decorative slivers using tempered SAKANTI 68% couverture on a rolling pin covered with parchment paper.Assemble different sized slivers on top of your galzed gateau and finish off with a chocolate pearl covered with gold leaf.