Adaptive Viennoiserie – Integrating Viennoiserie with an inventive pastry approach

March 18-20, 2024 - 3 days

Edan Leshnick

Executive Pastry Chef, Breads Bakery


Brooklyn, NY

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In this course, Chef Edan Leshnick, Executive Pastry Chef at Breads Bakery (New York City) will teach his refreshing approach towards combining viennoiserie and pastry with an emphasis on utilizing modern techniques and ingredients in order to create unique flavors and textures. Guiding Edan’s creative style is the idea that all main ingredients used should be fully respected and represented within the final creation and that understanding each and every ingredient’s technical and molecular structure can benefit the Chef immensely. Edan will teach his approach towards recipe formulation and how the use and control of water can play a huge part within the final product, ultimately leading to a lighter pastry with the outmost intensity of flavor and texture.​

Using a hands-on approach, Edan will present his ideas and techniques of ganache-based doughs, lamination, water-based chocolate mousses and creams, compotes and the use of specialty molds


  • Learn how to utilize and balance technical ingredients in order to highlight some of Valrhona’s chocolates and products to their fullest, preserving all their intensity and uniqueness.
  • Understand the basic properties of ingredients in order to formulate them to your needs and specifications.
  • Discuss Edan’s approach towards Viennoiserie and mainly how to incorporate laminated doughs with modern pastry components.
  • Understand the basic formulating techniques of water based mousses, creams and compotes.
  • Learn the importance of recipe stability in order to troubleshoot your own creations.

Class price includes light breakfast and coffee in the morning, lunch each day, a class recipe book, apron, travel mug, pen, a professional photographer, as well as all materials, ingredients, and equipment needed for class.

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After A few years working and training abroad in various schools and bakeries, Edan ventured to New York City and began working with Breads Bakery, assuming the role of Executive Pastry and Viennoiserie Chef, in charge of recipe development as well as the 24/7 operation of pastry production. Throughout his time with Breads Bakery, Edan has sought to focus mainly on the thought provoking and singularity of many of the local and fresh ingredients which make up his teams' repertoire, as well as the modern techniques which help promote flavor intensity while still maintaining a light and natural touch. "An intensity that's lighter than air is our goal with everything we create".

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