Published on 11/8/21

Chef Referral Program

The chocolate and pastry experts at Valrhona are thrilled to welcome chefs, chocolatiers, and pastry professionals back to L'École Valrhona Brooklyn, Valrhona's School, starting June 2021. Enroll in one of their immersive two- to three-day courses to gain hands-on experience, learn about current themes in pastry and push the limits of your creativity with world-renowned chef instructors.


Taken a class with us before? Refer a friend for a l’École Valrhona Brooklyn 2022 professional class and receive a $200 credit to use towards a 2022 class, your friend will also receive a $200 credit to use towards the class they sign up for! How it works: 

How it works: 

  • Once you’ve taken a class with us share your experience with a friend - recommend they take a l’École Valrhona Brooklyn 2022 professional class so they can challenge themselves and learn something new! 
  • On the online class application form make sure your friend mentions you referred them for a class, or send an email to and mention the referral and class they are interested in. 
  • When they are ready to pay we will apply the $200 credit towards their class. 
  • Once they pay for the class you will receive a $200 credit towards a 2021 l'École Brooklyn class. We will send you an email notifying you of the credit. 
  • When you have decided on the 2022 class you want to take you can either fill out an application online or email, and mention you have a $200 class credit. We will then apply the class credit to the cost of your class. 

            *Offer subject to availability and qualification for the classes. The referred customer must register for a course for you to receive the credit. Offer cannot be combined with any additional discounts. Only eligible for classes taught in the United States.