Angela Borah's Seaweed Sesame Bonbon Recipe
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Seaweed Sesame Bonbon

Made with Caraïbe 66%

Yields 480pcs

1 step

I draw inspiration from my Korean background. Even though my training and technique is French, I try to find inspiration from my Korean childhood and ingredients that I grew up with. I grew up in a Korean household and we ate rice wrapped in seaweed toasted in sesame. The seaweed is called ghim in Korean. This chocolate version is a seaweed ganache topped with caramelized white and black sesame seeds. - Chef Angela Borah

Recipe Step by Step


Seaweed Sesame Bonbon

1770g Heavy cream 

320g  Glucose syrup

48g Kombu 

20g Seaweed

3g Fleur de sel 

1000g  CARAIBE 66%

1417g  JIVARA 40%

129g Cocoa butter 

145g Butter

1) Bring heavy cream, glucose syrup, fleur de sel to a simmer. Combine kombu and seaweed into cream. Infuse for 40 minutes. Strain.

2) Add heavy cream and bring the infusion to 2090g.

3) Pour infusion into chocolate and make ganache. Finish with hand blender for smooth texture.

4) Pour ganache into 8mm frames.

5) Crystallize overnight.

6) Chablon ganache and garnish with cantonese processed white and black sesame seeds.

7) Pass ganache through enrober, using dark chocolate.