Strawberry Pistachio Tart Recipe

Pistachio strawberry ganache tart with toasted milk ice cream


An original recipe by Chef Julie Elkind

4 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Pistachio Ganache

1500 g Valrhona Ivoire White chocolate
375 g Pistachio Paste
30 g Glucose Syrup
3 g Salt
1500 g Heavy Cream
12 g Vanilla Paste

Combine white chocolate, pistachio paste, glucose, and salt in a mixing bowl.

Bring heavy cream and vanilla to a boil, and pour over chocolate and other ingredients.

Once completely smooth and homogenized, pour into tart shells and let set.


Strawberry Ganache (disks & filling)

1500 g Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration
875 g Heavy cream
5 g Glucose Syrup

Bring heavy cream to a boil, and pour over chocolate and glucose.

Mix to homogenize.

Pour into silikomart tourbillon molds, and allow to set.


Toasted Milk Ice Cream Base

2484 g Milk

792 g Heavy Cream

340 g Toasted Milk Powder

500 g Sugar

5 g Vanilla Extract

28 g Ice Cream stabilizer powder

240 g Glucose powder

5 g Salt

Bring milk, heavy cream, milk powder and sugar to a boil.

Add the remaining ingredients into the liquid and blend thoroughly with a hand blender.

Strain through the chinois and cool on an ice bath.


Vanilla Sucree Dough

2 lbs Butter

540 g Sugar

3 tsp Salt

15 yolks ( ½ pint pasteurized yolks)

1540 g Cake Flour

2 T Vanilla Paste

Cream butter and sugar to fluffy.

Add yolks and Vanilla.

Add the flour and salt.

Mix until combine.

Assembly and finishing

Strawberry Pistachio Tart Recipe

Fill the pistachio ganache in the chocolate tart shell while the ganache is fluid and warm, and allow it to set in the fridge or freezer until firm.

Unmold the strawberry disk and place it on top of the ganache tart.

Place three chocolate curls onto the top of the strawberry disk.

Cut one fresh strawberry into quarters and lean them on top of the white chocolate curls.

Finish the tart by garnishing with two springs of micro affila cress.