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Chocolate Praline Mille Pie

Made with 60% HAZELNUT

An original recipe by Rochelle Cooper

5 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cremeux

189g Whole milk 

184g Heavy cream 40% 

67g Egg yolks 

111g Hazelnut Praline Valrhona 60% 

223g Dark Chocolate Ecuador 65% Republica del Cacao

3g Salt kosher diamond 

Whisk together yolks and sugar well.  

Boil cream and milk, gently pour into yolks while whisking to temper.  

Return egg mixture to the heat, cook on low while stirring to 185F.  

Pour over chocolate and praline paste, buzz with emersion blender to combine, strain. 

Set in the refrigerator for several hours before using. 


Feuille de Brick Triangles

2 Packs Feuille de Brick 

Butter Syrup  

196g Unsalted butter 

39g Water 

157g Sugar 

8g Salt kosher diamond 

Melt sugar and water, add butter and salt, emulsify.  

Brush between 3 layers of brick dough and cut into 12 slices evenly.  

Bake on parchment lined sheet tray that has been sprayed liberally at 320F Fan 2 15-20 min. 


Praline sauce

321g Hazelnut Praline Paste Valrhona 60% 

107g Water 

5g Salt 

Stir everything together until shiny, smooth and emulsified. You can buzz with an immersion blender if needed.  


Vanilla Lemon Whipped Cream

1 ea Lemon, zested 

490g Heavy cream 40% 

1.5 g Salt kosher diamond 

57g Powdered sugar 

51g Milk powder 

0.5 ea Norohy vanilla bean, scraped

Whip everything to stiff peak before service.


Candied hazelnuts

510g Hazelnuts 

153g Sugar 

87g Water 

Set up a dry sheet tray lined with a silpat.  

Boil sugar and water. 

Add hazelnuts, stir constantly, cook until crystallized.  

Continue to cook until the sugar breaks down and caramelizes.   

Transfer to silpat. 

With gloved hands, spray a little pan spray on your gloves and carefully separate the candied hazelnuts.  

With a sharp knife cut the hazelnuts in half approximately.  

Assembly and finishing

Put your whipped cream in a piping bag with a petit rose tip.  

Fill another bag with a petite rose tip with the hazelnut chocolate cremeux.  

The praline sauce can go in a squeeze bottle.  

Pipe a small dot of cremeux on the center of the plate and place one feuille de brick triangle on top.  

Then with the thin part of the tip at the top, pipe the cremeux in a zig zag along the edges of the triangle.  

Fill the center of that layer with praline and chopped candied hazelnuts.  

Then place the next triangle directly on top.  

Pipe the vanilla lemon whipped cream on around the edges of the triangle in the same zig zag fashion.  

Fill the center of that layer with praline and chopped candied hazelnuts.  

Place the triangle last layer on top and pipe a little zig zag of the cream in the center.  

Garnish with more candied hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, and maldon salt.