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Tulakalum 75%   Guanaja 70  Manjari 64%  Bahibé 46%  Jivara 40%

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packshot 50 square milk & dark

Jivara 40% HISTORY

Developed in 1995 following extensive testing, Jivara was the first milk chocolate to offer such a strong flavor with a real cocoarich flavor. Just as it did with its long-running work to bring out the best in dark chocolate (not least with the creation of Guanaja), Valrhona shook up the world of milk chocolate with Jivara.

Jivara 40% BLEND

Jivara is a subtle blend of cocoa aromatic profiles typical of Ecuador and Ghana. These profiles are blended to obtain Jivara’s unique and consistent flavor, which is both creamy and cocoa-rich. This blend, impeccably produced since 1995, is a showcase for genuine prowess and skill.


Manjari 64% HISTORY

Smitten with the powerful, uniquely flavorsome beans that its sourcing teams uncovered in Madagascar, in 1990, Valrhona decided to declare its love by creating Manjari. This allowed Valrhona to demonstrate the fine quality of Madagascan cocoa, and Manjari became one of the brand’s true classics. The name Manjari comes from both “good” in Madagascan and “bouquet” in an Indian Hindustani dialect.

Manjari 64% ORIGIN

Manjari is the product of a long-running partnership between Valrhona and the Millot plantation in northern Madagascar. Valrhona is committed to improving the living conditions of plantation employees and their families. The construction of a village with 45 homes and a health center offers the families more living space, and a nurse is permanently on site. Respect for the environment is a priority: water is carefully preserved and the soil is nourished with natural fertilizers.


Tulakalum 75% HISTORY

Tulakalum means “together” in Mayan dialect, and it was only thanks to collaborative efforts between our partner-producer Maya Mountain and our sourcing team that we were able to relaunch this exceptionally rare Belizean cocoa variety. Our flavor experts got to work so that you could enjoy this chocolate just as nature intended it. Because this was our aim, Tulakalum has a cocoa content of 75% and does not contain any lecithin. Its high fat content comes from its cocoa and offers an ideal texture for all kinds of pastry making and chocolatier’s applications, including coating. Our desire is to offer you the best of Belizean cocoa in a chocolate with a high cocoa content and a unique sensory profile.

Tulakalum 75% ORIGIN

The plantation in the heart of Belize produces cocoa exclusively for Valrhona. It was founded in the 1970s and planted up with a unique mixture of cacao varieties. It is the only cocoa plantation for miles around and is nestled in a valley known as “Yamwits”, which means “between the mountains” in the Cayo district’s Mayan dialect. Over the years, it has changed hands multiple times, been abandoned and left battered by cyclones, but its most recent owner, Henry Canton, has managed to preserve its unique cacao tree orchard and intends to develop it further. We signed a ten-year partnership to rehabilitate and develop it through a variety of different schemes. Together with our partners, we reconstructed the plantation’s infrastructure so that it could produce exceptional cocoa – which allowed us to create Tulakalum in 2019.


Guanaja 70% HISTORY

In 1986, Valrhona created the world’s bitterest chocolate using 70% cocoa. It was quite an achievement! This heightened cocoa content required a complete rethink of how things were done. This is when we started to select cocoas with absolute precision, because with such a low proportion of sugar there was nothing to mask imperfections. Cocoa was therefore selected according to its aromatic profile in order to create balanced blends with a unique flavor. Guanaja immediately revolutionized the market and became a benchmark product. Its name, Guanaja, is a nod to the first cocoa beans given to Christopher Columbus when he washed up on the Caribbean island of Guanaja on July 30, 1502.

Guanaja 70% BLEND

Guanaja is a subtle blend of cocoa aromatic profiles typical of Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Madagascar. These profiles are blended to obtain Guanaja’s unique and consistent flavor, which is both bittersweet and elegant. This blend, impeccably produced since 1986, is a showcase for genuine prowess and skill.


Bahibé 46% HISTORY

With its amazingly high cocoa content for a milk chocolate (46%), Bahibé is inspired by a couverture developed by Valrhona at the request of one its customers in San Francisco. Bahibé provides the perfect balance between the bitterness of pure Dominican cocoa and the sweetness of milk. The name Bahibé is a homage to the Bayahibe rose, thecactus flour which emblematizes the Dominican Republic.

Bahibé 46% ORIGIN

With its local partner, Valrhona has selected the Dominican Republic’s finest beans to create a rare chocolate variety. Our partner is a participant in Cacao Forest, a multi-stakeholder project which numbers Valrhona among its members, alongside producers, scientists, artisan chocolatiers and private companies who are all seeking to identify sustainable models. The idea is to shape the future of cocoa cultivation through agroforestry, a technique which advocates growing cacao among other trees. We combine environmental protection and good living conditions for employees with a demand for high quality and a broad aromatic palette


Partner producer

Belize Hummingbird Citrus

Yamwits Valley, Cayo 17°7’55.5”N / 88°38’31.1”W


Best by:

14 months


Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, brown sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract, barley malt extract, vanilla

Kosher product


Gluten free




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Store in a cool, dry place between 60/65°F (16/18°C).


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