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Hazelnut & Chocolatey

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When Valrhona decided to tackle one of the dessert world’s most beloved classics to make a new chocolate, the results were none other than Azélia 35%. This new Grand Cru strikes the perfect balance of chocolate, milk and hazelnuts. It reawakens delectable childhood memories and thrills even the most sophisticated adult taste buds. Valrhona designed Azélia using cocoa and nuts selected and processed for their flavor and quality. Its warm brown color reignites some of our greatest childhood passions whether it is used in bonbons, chocolate bars, ganaches, desserts, ice creams or sorbets.


So that taste is always a source of inspiration, we have used a research-based co-creation approach to give each couverture a specific ambiance which will appeal to both your senses and your emotions.


Recommended Applications

Ice Cream & SorbetsMousseMoldingCoatingCrémeux & GanachesBars


HazelnutCaramelCoffeeYellow fruits

% of main ingredient

35% of Cocoa

Best by:

10 months


Sugar, cocoa butter, full-fat milk powder, hazelnuts 13.6%, cocoa beans, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla extract

Kosher product


Gluten free


Packaging Format

250g (8.8oz) - 31213

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Store in a cool a dry place where the temperature is maintained at 14-16°C / 57-60°F.


Any Celebrations